By Miles Patrick Yohnke
Copyright 2015 - All Rights Reserved.
Released July 13, 2015

Do we truly understand every chapter carefully placed before us?
Does one experience the true meaning,
The true meaning of your life's story?

Wherever you are,
Whatever you're trying to accomplish,
Be all there, be all in.
Consume the total plot,
This act that leads you forward,
Towards your own legacy,
And draw from it.
These tangible miracles,
The miracles from within,
Often found within these untold stories.

God, the consummate screenwriter,
Brings all his actors together,
Though often the script,
Has not been completely understood,
Nor totally read by the lead actors.

Convey the message, His message,
Each voice needs to be heard.
Each of us are one.
Each of us feel.

Does one truly understand the plot,
Or how much of one's time do we place,
Place in it, think about it?

Looking at someone,
These cells of feelings,
Feelings coursing through,
Never turning off, until the end.

We matter, we all matter.
To the depths of each one's soul,
Living in the eyes of divine connection.
Do not take the person,
The person out of personal,
For it is all personal,
Each person.

Be the director and producer of your own life's journey.
Let your being reach, reach all.
Pen your hope, lead by charge,
Let your story prevail.

And like a New Year's day,
With the annual promise of peace on earth,
As always, love is the film.
See each day as a new script,
A new beginning.
Treat each day with reverence,
It could be your final act.

June 29 - July 8, 2015

Picture of Miles Patrick Yonke, set in a beautiful, surreal background.

Miles Patrick Yohnke photograph by Natalie Struck

Copyright 2015 Miles Patrick Yohnke - All Rights Reserved.

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