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--- By Miles Patrick Yohnke
Copyright © 2015 - All Rights Reserved.

Released June 23, 2015


Blacks enter here?
Whites enter here?
Do not enter here?
Do not disturb?

Human property for sale?

Where are we going, this society?
Where have we been?
Welcome? Really? Honestly?

Rich with money,
Rich with jewelry,
Rich with friends,
Rich with fame,
Rich with lust,
Rich with cars,
Rich with houses,
Rich with jobs,
Rich with education,
Rich with power,
Rich with greed,
Rich with vengeance,
Rich with jealousy,
Rich with hatred,
Rich with alcohol,
Rich with drugs,
Rich with politics,
Rich with religion,
Poor, poor, poor.

From the shelters,
To the pristine suburbs,
Many minds are not in good neighborhoods.

Behind any wall,
Or any picket fence,
Could lie a comatose, mechanical being,
With a stench of catastrophic debt;
A dark void of one's self.

Protection and security signs and stickers,
Housed throughout and placed, though often,
Not felt inside.
In the backyards,
Lie gardens of well watered green envy.

Dismantle this despair, and stave off,
This five star act of entitlement
From the perspective of the mind, the motivation within,
Characterized and interchangeable,
But you and I are not.

Evaluate your worth to this world,
You are worth more than you perhaps may think.
Think. Think of others,
Another human life,
A life that is equal to yours.
We are essentially all the same,
In the equality of life.

And deposit:

Donations of honor,
Donations of integrity,
Donations of accountability,
Donations of discipline,
Donations of passion,
Donations of compassion,
Donations of commitment,
Donations of loyalty,
Donations of love.

Love thy neighbor, love thy self.

Tear down this wall of hatred,
Tear down this wall of jealousy,
Tear down this mind of us against them.
Build each day with this new solid foundation.
Let this be the genesis found within,
So that society knows where home is;
Where compassion has no postal code.

Picture of Miles Patrick Yonke, set in a beautiful, surreal background.

Copyright © 2015 Miles Patrick Yohnke - All Rights Reserved.

Miles Patrick Yohnke photograph by Natalie Struck

Miles Patrick Yohnke is a globally recognized motivational author, poet, and mentor with a wealth of life experience. His philosophies and materials are used in schools in Africa, India, and the United States. They are used by preachers in their pulpits. They have been read on National radio and featured in countless publications. If you are looking to develop and improve your life, Yohnke offers consultation in person, by phone, or via email. For more information please contact him directly at: 306.227.6379

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