How Do You Develop A Positive Mindset?

Positive Mindset

A positive mindset is very easy to obtain, but it takes time and patience.

Your brain has the ability to store and accept two kinds of thoughts: Positive and Negative. Some people harbor more negative thoughts than positive, but most people are 50/50 and their minds play a tug of war per se', on a daily basis. However, there is something you can do about it.

When you get a thought into your mind, a bad thought or negative thought, you need to think of a positive thought you can pull out of that bad or negative thought that will make that thought, a positive one. As you keep doing this, day in and day out, thought after thought, the thoughts that your mind accepts will start to sway to the positive, where they will start to outweigh the negative.

As time goes on and you repeat this process and implement it into your life, as a new way of thinking and storing thoughts, you will find that your thoughts and mindset will become positive in nature and negative thoughts will not even be allowed to enter your mind. They will stay on the outside where you will be able to brush them off very easily and forget they ever existed.

In time, all bad emotions will go away as well like anger, resentment, depression, doubt, and fear, to name a few. You will also gain confidence in yourself as a person and learn more about yourself; things you never realized about yourself such as your inner strength, passion, desire, willingness and courage.

This is not an overnight process and will take time... maybe a long time. So be patient with this process. Time is the biggest helper that you can have on your side when you institute a change in your life, especially a life altering change such as this.

It took me a few years to finally be able to exhibit this way of living on a daily basis, but so far, it is working out quite nicely...I have not yet perfected this process, but the changes in my life and attitude are plentiful and abundant from just altering the way I think.

The only thing is, you must not quit on yourself or give in to negativity. No matter how hard it seems, no matter what circumstances you are in, you must not quit.

Never backtrack and take steps backwards in this process because of pressures of your life and daily routine. This is a process in which your life as you know it, can and will, be transformed into more of an enjoyable, happy, and complete life. I can only tell you this if I have experienced it, and I have and will continue to grow and learn from it.

Best of luck and thank you for reading this.

Copyright 2010 Rich Barnes

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