Finding Love Again

Second Chances

How many times when going through a hard time do we hear someone say, "When the time is right this will change, that will happen, you'll meet Mrs. Right etc... ?"

I've heard it all my life, along with "when the student is ready the teacher will show up." Ya, that's a good one.

I've listened to all these catch phrases and have even used them on occasion with a slight belief in them but now let's rewind ten years.

Here is Bill sitting in front of his computer, just buried his wife, logged onto and dreading the approaching Christmas, with tears flooding his face as he stares across the room at his 3 year old daughter, wondering how he will be able to do it all with no help. Despair is all I can say my friends, utter and total despair.

I was told I could do it. My friend Jesse backed me up, yelled at me, did juggling acts and square dances to get me to see things clearly and understand what all the great ones have said before him.

And I remember hearing these catch phrases I talked about earlier and thinking maybe for you but this is ME and this is different. You don't understand, this is MY world crashing down; it's different than theirs.

Now let's fast-forward ten years. The child is now 13. I'm still here, still in business, and even back to my high school weight, well close.

And then when I least expected it, on November 7th meeting an old friend for breakfast, she showed up! They were right. All of them I had called nuts were correct and when the time was right she was sitting there and I was sitting there, and I looked at her and felt something I haven't felt in a very long time.

The date was set and we got together and things started falling in place. Mind you, we've hit some speed bumps but the time was right, and she showed up, and two people started falling in love, and we go forward and slowly melt our lives together looking after one another and caring.

I don't know where it's going from here and I wont even try to figure it out. I'm not a person who likes to look years down the road. No, I've found years down the road don't often work out and we might not be here tomorrow let alone years away so for right now, I look at today. I look at this morning and say how can I make her smile, what can I do to let her know at least for today she's the only woman in my life?

And then I do magic and try to make her day; I'll worry about tomorrow when it gets here.

So now it's Christmas and for the first time in ten years I'm not so heavy, not so sad. I'm actually looking forward to what lays ahead in my new found life as it slowly unfolds, this year, after a wonderful woman picked up the broken pieces of my heart and lovingly put it back together.

I will start my life's next chapter and do my best the do it with grace, honor and much love. God has blessed me a second time; I'm a lucky man.

Copyright 2010 Bill Renda
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