Enjoy Your Journey - Forget About The Outcome

Emotionally Invested/Married To An Outcome

I don't want to be so emotionally invested

In a person, place or thing

That I can't divest it and move on if need be

When called upon I have to let what is for the best

Supersede me

Scenarios have varied and I may pout some

But I can't be married to an outcome

I can't afford to be so emotionally invested

In a summer, fall or spring

That I pass the expected expiration date by winter

Letting go is perhaps the ultimate test

And tormentor

I used to have luggage I carried too long now I shout "dumb"

Back then I was married to an outcome

Once I learned to detach, divorce myself

And let the Universe dispatch

What happens to happen naturally and not let me be

Wedded & embedded with a beyond-a-doubt sum

I could live life happily

Regardless of the outcome

Copyright 2011 Tony Haynes
Tony Haynes is a Lyricist, Songwriter, Poet, Author, Performer & Television Show Host. As the world's Foremost practitioner of Acrostic Poetry, in less than a minute, Tony Haynes can literally pull a poem out of thin air. Give him the title of what you'd like to call your poem, and he will create it for you on the spot. Be sure to visit his website: http://tonyhaynes.webs.com

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