The Universe And Life Work In Mysterious Ways

Life Is An Amazing Journey

The other day I heard that one of my very dear facebook friends had lost his mother. This made my heart sad, for my friend was very close to his mother and had been by her side as she traveled through her long and arduous journey with cancer.

Every time that someone dear to me is grieving the passing of a loved one, many memories of my loved ones that have moved on to the next realm come flooding back to me. The memories are vivid, making my hearth ache. Eventually these memories pass but it saddens me to think that my friend will have to go through the pain caused by the loss of someone so very dear to him. Alas we all eventually go through this and thankfully those of us who already have, are able to provide the comfort and compassion that will help our friends during these most difficult times.

Three times I tried to write an uplifting email to my friend and three times words failed me. Most of you who know me know that I am one that is rarely lost for words, but lost for words I was. I decided to sleep on it. Upon waking up I could hardly wait for my computer to boot up, the words I needed were there and after a very heartfelt email I was content that I had done the best I could to uplift my friend. I was grateful for the wonderful technology many now just take for granted but I was still left with a heavy heart as I went about my day.

They say that everything in this universe is balanced and indeed it is. Upon opening facebook and looking on my wall I was delighted to see that Hayhouse Australia had posted a youtube clip of one of my favourite Hayhouse radio personalities psychic medium John Holland. John will be coming to Australia to speak at the I Can Do It conference later this year. In an instant my heart soared with joy. I have been a fan of John's since about 2003 and now when I least expect it, the announcement comes that he indeed will be here. I so look forward to hearing him speak and I know that Australia will love him.

I am in awe of how things fall into place, here I am remembering my loved ones, feeling for my friend who has just lost his mum and the very person that has spent years helping people connect with their loved ones on the other side, who has many wonderful books and tapes that have helped me to get back on my feet each and every time that I have said goodbye to a loved one, will be speaking here in Australia.

It serves as a gentle reminder for me that my friend will be ok, that life goes on, that life is good and that sometimes the things we put on our dream board do indeed come to pass. I have been trying to manifest hearing John speak for years, and I am very much looking forward to hearing him speak at the 2011 Hayhouse Australia I Can Do it conference.

Everything in life is indeed balanced, feelings of the lowest of low transformed with feelings of the highest high. Without the lows one would never appreciate the highs. I thank the Universe for making life such an amazing journey of discovery and I share this here as a reminder to all, that no matter what you are dealing with in your life no matter how dark and heavy the clouds seem to be, the sunshine is always there in the background just waiting for the opportunity to shine through.

Copyright 2011 Elisabeth Folino
I wrote this after hearing about the passing of a very dear facebook friend's mother and I received some very positive feedback about it, so I thought that perhaps others might be touched by what I had written and I can't think of a better way to share it than on my favourite motivational site

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