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Beyond The Horizon

However vast the world may seem to be, it always comes to an end as it approaches the horizon. Looking at the horizon you will find opposite dimensions coming together, letting go of everything, even their differences.

Our life goes through a lot of phases. The first phase is when we hit off with something, the second, when we reach the zenith of it. The third, we start wandering aimlessly and finally, we approach the horizon.

On reaching the horizon you can either lose yourself to it or conquer it, and set off looking for new heights and horizons.

To conquer a horizon, you need to let go of everything you are holding back, apart from memories. Cry your heart out, if that is what it takes to let go of things completely. But whatever you do, don't think of backing off, or ask 'why me?' for someone, somewhere (read God) thinks that you are capable of it. So live up to the faith invested in you.

This year I too achieved new heights, approached horizons and eventually conquered them. I too had to let go of a lot of things, dreams, friends and relationships included. With a heavy heart and sea of tears, I finally managed to bid them good-bye, but somehow my dream managed to come back. And now I am setting off in a new direction, on a journey of a lifetime, in the hope of achieving new heights and exploring new dimensions.

Copyright 2011 by Priya Agarwal

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