Nothing Is Lost But All Is Transformed

Donít lose hope, keep on moving. Beginning and achievement have the same point: Something or Somewhere.

Progress has a path or a line: Something to Somewhere.

Your beginning is a point that was in your mind from someone elseís achievement, the point at which something begins. God has laid the foundation.

An example: Some other person has made the tools you will use. Somebody made a motorcar after the discovery of iron. God created the raw materials.

You will start from a point and end at a point. Your failure is a point and your success is a point for some other person to begin. You progress only if you make a path or draw a line on which to walk.

Hold on to your dream. The line is an accumulation of points:

You may fall, but donít be a failure. Get up and start moving, try again. See every fall as an achievement with a new beginning.

In nothing there is something, if only you can look with the eyes of an achiever. The world itself was void at creation.

Copyright © 2011 Frank Done (Chidi) --- Nigeria

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