How Hard Is It To Stay Positive?

Stay Positive

Every success story that I've heard or know of, brought me to the realization that it all began with a positive mindset. Let's switch this; every sad story I've heard or know, I realize it was driven by a poverty mindset: “I am poor and nothing is going to change, I might as well live on” or “I'm not good enough”. Sad hey, can you blame that someone? I don't, in fact I understand that it is never easy to switch from a negative mindset to a positive mindset overnight. But then how do we set this right?

My personal belief and opinion is that a positive mindset can be set straight by feeding it with prayer, every now and then. Picture this, imagine a strong tall tree and ask yourself how long it took for it to be so strong and tall? Ask yourself again how it all began. This is my view; it all started as a seed and grew to be strong and tall because it was feed with water and sunlight.

Plant that seed within yourself. I call that seed a positive mindset and let grow it in your heart. Then you'll see positive results what we all love to call success. Don't assume that I'm now successful but I feel I am half way there because I've set a goal for myself to remain positive, no matter what. With prayers, I see brighter days.

Having a positive mindset is not as easy as it seems, but if you invite God into your life, you will see all the puzzles of hope and brighter days coming together.

I've also discovered that problems and setbacks are all part of the journey. The key is how you react when they come along. 10 out of 10, if I have a positive mindset and remember that God is by my side, I'll always find a way to deal with them.

My consistent prayer:

My lord, remind me to love, to care, to be honest, to have courage, to find wisdom, have faith, to hope, to be kind, to be sharing, to maintain a smile, to laugh more, to forgive and most all to not forget you are by my side in good days and bad days. Amen.

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