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Snow Maiden - Dreamy Pleasures

December 9, 2011

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Snow maiden, dreamy pleasures,
snow maiden to a magical land,
snowflake dreams, no melting today

Dreamy pleasures, lacy pearl snowflakes,
one upon the other, frosty winter's garden,
long ago

Pretty white snowbirds gathering for their flight
to sugar white pristine beaches
of southern emerald seas, purest white
Ah ! what a beautiful sight.
whirling up, whirling down,
upon the waves, purest white snowbirds
light upon the pristine sugar white sands

Snow maidens, dreamy pleasures,
snowflakes falling around her,
scene of beauty, she in her garden
imagining the flowers bloom,
now resting under a quilted
snowflake blanket

Dreamy, pleasures, sunshine on
the garden, pleasures all mine,
snow maiden, I'll take your hand
to share snow covered paths
dreamy pleasures grand

Look ! snowflakes in my precious hand
pearl snowflakes twirling, whirling,
magical pearl snowflake necklace
for my love to place

Snow maiden, dreamy pleasures,
love of snow, pleasure of a dream
in a garden long ago, heavenly sight,
white snowbirds in flight,
little white snowbirds,
take me when you go

Magical garden, snow maiden seen,
winter's day, dreamy pleasures of long ago,
magical pearl snowflake necklace
of a magical winter's day

--- Copyright © 2011 Mary Ann Biddinger
Mary Ann is a multi-talented individual, married with children and grandchildren. She enjoys writing poetry along with designing Victorian floral arrangements.

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