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Why Worry? BE HAPPY

I was having a discussion with my son the other day regarding his hatred for certain people and he made a remark that I found difficult to counter. It left me speechless, really. But over the next few days, I kept playing his words in my head and slowly started putting together a rebuttal to his statement.

He said, "It doesn't matter - I already know I'm going to Hell anyway."

Today I have an answer to that statement. Today I would tell him this:

What you get out of life is exactly what you put into it. Happiness is thought first, then your feelings follow. What you (or your ego) verbalizes to you on a regular basis is exactly what you will get, because you've already defeated yourself. You've given yourself permission to quit.

If you want to change your life, your karma, your state of mind, all you have to do is learn to "think" differently. Learn to think positive thoughts. Decide beforehand that you are going to be happy, or that you are going to like something, and you will!

This is a double-edge sword, because when you change your thoughts to positive ones, you attract positive people, which in turn, begets better outcomes and opportunities for yourself.

Don't think so? Then think about this: When you meet someone and they are happy, full of life, treat you like you are special, how does that make you feel? You want to be around people who make you feel good. It's human nature! So, if you start "feeling good" on your own - if you make the decision to be happy, you will attract that! You will attract people who will want to help you. Your life will get better, because Like Begets Like. The Universal Law is the Law of Attraction.

If you want to continue being negative, then that is exactly what you will attract. It's bad Karma to be negative, so be happy. If your life sucks right now, then be happy for what is good. If you examine it hard enough, you can find something to be grateful about - even if the only thing you can find to be grateful about is that God loves you and will be there for you if you'll let Him. I once read that it is folly to place your faith in man, because man will disappoint you. Place your faith in God and He will never let you down.

If none of this helps you to be happy, then it's time to forget your self-interest and focus on others. Make other people happy and you will reap the rewards, because the Law of the Universe works, whether you believe it or not. Try it and watch the miracle unfold!

Copyright 2011 Dolores L. Owen
About the Author: Dolores Owen is a Legal Administrative Assistant for the Law Firm of Shook, Hardy & Bacon, L.L.P. She is a life-time member and on the Advisory Board of Missouri CURE (Citizens United for Rehabilitation of Errants) and enjoys Genealogical Research in her spare time.

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