It will soon be Christmas mama.
The streets are gleaming bright.
The tinsel and the mistletoe
Bring yuletide into sight.

I'm shopping now for presents mom
For loved ones dear to me,
But there will be one Gift Missing
From beneath the Christmas tree.

It seems that only yesterday
I held your soft warm hand,
And prayed with you a little prayer,
And tried to understand....

Why God would want to take you mom
Away from those you love.
Your children were your very life.
You treasured them above....

All the very little things
This world could give to you.
Dear mama, how am I to fare
No mom to see me through?

It will be a lonely Christmas
Without you mama dear.
The first one out of many
That you shared with us while here.

I'm thinking, since I cannot buy
A gift for you from me....
I'll spread a little extra love
Around the Christmas tree.

And when you gaze upon us mom
From Heavens Holy Place...
I think you'll like your present
And a smile will light your face.

Copyright © 1978 Carol Bouche' Ottlinger
Our mama left us at the age of 69, May 12, 1977

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