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I cannot remember when I strolled on the shore, feeling the soft warm sand under my feet.

I cannot remember when I felt the cold crisp water caressing my feet as it rushed back to the sea preparing to return.

I cannot remember when I sat and watched the sunrise marking the beginning of a new day in everyone's life.

I cannot remember when I took the time to separate the colors of the rainbow for I spent more time focusing on the "pot of gold."

I cannot remember when I sat and watched my favorite actor in a cinema; when I spent the time with my best friend, my dog.

I cannot remember when I last strolled in a park admiring the wonders of the plant kingdom, hugging a tree to feel the energy flowing into my being, becoming one with the tree, my brother.

Are we not all related? Do we not all come from the same energy or life force?

I cannot remember when I sat in a forest listening to the sweet songs of the birds, listening to the little stream babbling along, the sound uplifting my inner being.

I cannot remember when I walked hand in hand with my loved one, too busy holding the hand, which needed support.

Neglecting those close to me, hearing them but not listening.

Am I allowing life to pass me by, continuously giving of myself but never replenishing?

Can one give if there is an imbalance within? Is it fair to the one who asks for support?

Yes, I cannot remember when I have given time to MYSELF.

Well, it is time to remember just that, and once I am replenished, then will I be able to replenish those who could not remember.

I thank my creator for giving me time to remember.

Anonymous --- Sent in by Thaya Moodaley


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