I have a jar of pennies that sits inside of me
It's the most important thing that I longed for you to see
There were some in my life who told me it was there
They helped me keep it clean so that of its value I was aware

But then there were many that really couldn't see
This valuable jar of pennies that sits inside of me
They filled me with words and deeds that did hurt
All the while it was covering my jar of pennies with dirt

There were one or two others that seemed to not care
And did nothing to help me see the value hidden there
The jar is forgotten it's been long since I've seen
That old jar of pennies that sat inside of me

There's so much of dirt I'm sure it's been lost
I need someone to remind me whatever the cost
I'll say things that hurt you and do things for fun
I'll make my life count; that's right, I'm number one!

I'll do for myself what no one would do
I'll show you my value if it's the last thing I do
A smile from another, a wink, a kind word
Reminds me of a time when my value was heard

But I feel the dirt harden; my plan did not work
I need YOU to uncover what is under this dirt
There are so many layers it might take some time
But please let me know the true value that's mine

It is now that I realize how hard it must be
When I look inside you and see the dirt put there by me
So layer after layer let us both make a vow
That we'll remind each other of our value somehow

Then when we can see clearly to our knees we will fall
For the valuable jar of pennies were not pennies at all
There in the dirt each other we hold
For what sits in the jar is the dull shine of pure gold.

Copyright © 2002 B. Daniel Johnson

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