Crazy how it feels tonight,
You push me away when you're holding me tight.
You say "I love you" as if it was real,
But deep down inside, that's not how you feel.

Somebody else is in your dreams,
My tears are forming rivers and streams.
This emptiness is stinging my soul,
I've fallen apart; I'm no longer whole.

I can't explain how it feels tonight,
When I need you the most, you're never in sight.
I look at you, but you turn away,
Too many words I wish you would say.

I'm lost in the oceans of your baby blue eyes,
Was it the truth? Or was it all lies?
I leaned on you, I leaned too far,
These emotions inside leave one giant scar.

I have to move on, I need to forget,
But will this decision make more to regret?
I don't know what to do, please give me a sign.
I know we're just friends, but I wish you were mine.

Copyright © 2002 Neena Amarnani