The sweet little bundle,
I carry in my arms
Smiles when he sees my face ...
Making my heart all warm.

The joy in an infant
Learning to clap his hands,
A baby's first steps, or
Building castles out of sand.

Life is an adventure,
Learning to ride his trike.
Growing even larger,
He does tricks on his bike.

Toys give way to rides,
Making new friends in the world.
Sports become his major.
Then, friends give way to girls.

Receiving high honors
Becomes a campus man.
As life gets even busier,
He comes home when he can.

Next, the celebration,
"I found that special girl."
Marriage, then comes baby ...
A precious little pearl.

That sweet little bundle,
I carried in my arms,
Smiles when he sees your face.
You make our hearts all warm.

Copyright © 2001 Joyce C. Lock