A visitor to our web site, Larry James, sent me a note that our website was featured at the top of page E1 (Arizona Living section) in the Arizona Republic in the morning's edition (8/8/02) under the heading "3 Ways to Take Control of Your Life."

I contacted the writer Michele Fitzhugh-Craig, and thanked her for the inclusion and she was kind enough to send me a copy of the section as the "toprails" as they are called are only available in the print version of the paper.

Here is what Michelle wrote:

Words to Inspire

"If words of inspiration and motivation are what you need to put your life back on track, a starting place for change might be found at the Motivating Moments website. The site not only provides tips to gain or reclaim control in your life, it also offers quotes by and for teens and adults, feel-good stories and links to other sites."

So often, we are featured in print but we never really know about it. If you would be so kind, when you see us somewhere or hear of us on the radio, please drop me an email. We have so many supporters who I have not yet had the chance to thank and I would definitely like to.

Have a great week ahead,


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