To know you are with me in body,
To reach out and touch you, hold you, kiss you,
To feel your gentle touch upon me,
To hear you voice whisper in my ear,
To look into your eyes and see caring and love.

To know you are with me in spirit,
To feel your love in a touch, a word or look,
To share you pain and your happiness,
To reminisce over past memories together,
To read your words from paper or a screen.

To know you are with me in my heart,
To close my eyes and see you in my dreams,
To know your love protecting me,
To be loved no matter where I am in the world,
To think of you and smile to myself.

You are the sun in my sky,
the moon in my night,
the gleam in my eye,
the beat of my heart.
My love is yours for today, tomorrow and forever.

Copyright © 2002 James Gale