As deep as the ocean blue
High as the starry sky
These feelings I have for you
Fall between these lines

Your gentle touch, sweet lips, and caring eyes
Are something I never wanna be absent from again
Being so far away from you has made me realize
how much I truly am in love with you

At the sound of your voice
Or the mentioning of your name
My heart melts and I get butterflies in my stomach
No matter when, or where ever I am

You are always on my mind and at heart with me
As I lay my head to rest
Those precious things they call "dreams"
Are filled with the feelings and emotions I have for you
And those "dreams" are reality for me

As the saying goes, "The things that seem too good to be true usually are"
Baby you are perfect in my eyes
"You're just to good to be true, I can't take my eyes off of you"

Feeling your warm embrace as we lay so close
As your cool breath breathes down my neck
Sends chills up and down my spine
You put me in such a daze, a state of mind
That I never wanna leave or have come to an end

I've never felt this way before about anyone
When you are with me
All my fears and problems escape
My permanent smile shines through
And I want you to know
How much I am in love with you

Written in 2002 by Allison S., Age 18 --- Pennsylvania