I once was daddy's teddy bear.
Our ages are the same you know.
I slept with him from his first day,
I guarded him and watched him grow.

I used to lull him off to sleep,
I played a little lullaby.
(Inside I had a music heart)
But years of playing made it die.

When he began to walk around,
He carried me around and 'bout.
Sometimes he dragged me cross the floor;
I guess that's when my eyes came out.

I even loved that little guy,
When to my lips he'd tip his cup,
And dribble milk all down my chest.
Then mom would have to clean me up.

As life went on, the baby grew,
And I was not his favorite toy.
Trucks and trains became his thing;
"I know, a boy must be a boy."

But many nights for many years,
When he would go to bed at night,
His mom would place me in his arms,
And he would hug me, oh, so tight!

His mom would tuck us in his bed,
Then kiss us both and dim the light.
Oh, then I'd sigh in happiness
And guard that boy all through the night.

My fur began to thin right out,
And soon, I knew would come the day
When I'd be put aside for good;
No one would take me out to play.

My back began to open up,
So mom took out the music part
Then sewed me up again, real tight,
But I was left without my heart.

She found me, once, long time ago
Years after when the boy was gone
And stuffed the hole where my heart was
But still I could not play a song.

She placed me in his empty room
I was so sad, oh, so forlorn.
There I did stay until the day
A little baby girl was born.

The boy that played with me before
Is now a daddy proud and true!
Now mom is fixing me all up
To send me to that baby...YOU!

I think I feel a heart beat now,
Away down deep inside of me!
I'm going to feel some little arms
Hug this old and tattered body!

The mom is sad, I know 'tis true
'Cause I saw tears drop, one by one.
She kissed me softly on the cheek
And "whispered, "This is for my son."

I hope your dad remember me,
The way I was when I was new.
He loved me very much you know,
I hope that you will love me, too.

I'm on my way now! Here I come!
It's been so long, but I've been true.
I just can't wait to see you smile,
The way your daddy used to do.

Copyright © 1997 Carol Bouche Ottlinger