"Where there is sorrow there is holy ground."
--- Oscar Wilde


May 14, 2003

On February 8th, 2003, one of my good friends Brittney Fuson died following injuries sustained from a car wreck. Her life's ambition was to dance in a Janet Jackson video. And at her funeral, one of the speakers said this about her. I can only imagine her standing at the throne of God..... Dancing!

"Someone had to teach the angels how to dance. Someone had to teach the angels how to dance. We asked the Lord for a second chance, but someone had to teach the angels."

Author Unknown
Submitted by Kayla T., Age 17 --- Tennessee

May 14, 2003

Ross Allen Meredith died on January 27, 2003 at the age of 17. He was a friend to so many people and one of my best friends. Losing him has been the hardest thing that I have ever had to deal with. He was the one person that I could share my every thought and feeling with and he always brought a smile to my face. I will never forget him. I love you so much Ross, may your precious soul rest in peace.

When I heard the news I thought it was a lie
How could someone like him just die?
Never had I thought that this day would come
Where my body, mind, and heart would go numb.

Never have I ever missed someone so much.
His face, his laugh, his smile, his touch.
Never had I thought a day would go by
Where I could so nothing but sit and cry.

I couldn't eat, I couldn't sleep
All I could do was think of him and weep.
Every day I look to the sky
And I ask the Lord why?

Why would he take him away from his family and friends?
Why would he put his life to an end?
I just have to believe that he's in a better place,
And that he's worth every tear that rolls down my face.

I wish now that I could look him in the eye
And tell him how much he meant to me
And say my last good bye.

Ross I love you so much and you can bet
That you'll be the one that I never forget.

Copyright © 2003 Danielle Perry

May 14, 2003

"I wish that tears could make the world look better, but I know they won't, for I have cried. I with that bleeding could make the pain go away but I know it won't, for I have tried."

Written in 2002 by L.B.

May 14, 2003

I wrote it for my son to read at my dad's funeral when the time comes, hopefully that is many happy years away.

"When I try and face the truth, I am brought to my knees by the pain of you not being here. And I can't control myself when I think of all the times that I wasn't there for you. We may have had our rough times together, but I'll never forget the way you smiled when we laughed with each other at our corny jokes. Or the way you helped me out with problems about life or even just picking up my room.

You taught me how to be a kid when we could get away with it, but you also taught me to respect people for who they are and what they stand for. You taught me how to love by giving me your love and always wanting the best for me, even if that meant missing a game on TV or a movie with friends.

And now that you're gone I'm so scared because there's so much you didn't get a chance to teach me, but I know that you would want me to be strong and to do what I think is best. Because after all you taught me everything I know. You'll always be in my heart and my prayers."

Copyright © 2002 Chris Hogan

May 14, 2003

My mother's life was taken on August 21 2001 and She was like my best friend! It has almost been two years and I still am not over her death! On February 1, 2003 my Father took his life! I just wanted to let everyone know that bad stuff happens to all of us!! No matter how young or old we are!! I still love and miss my parents so much! I can't wait for the day when I get to go to heaven and see them again! I also wanted to tell you that if you put your problems in God's hands, he will help you thru the hardest times in life!! Trust in him always!

Sent in by Jordon C., Age 14 --- Oklahoma

May 14, 2003

This is In Loving Memory of all those lost at Elkton High School


Pain can form a tear
A blink can make it fall
A cheek can reach and catch it
And a hand can smear it all

A sleeve can dry the hand
And time can help you heal
But one single memory
Can bring back the pain you feel

The pain will never fade
It will remain deep in our hearts
For eternity, for a lifetime
From the moment which it starts

But no matter how it hurts you
It's just a fact of life
And as time constantly changes
The future will calm your strife

Deanna Rivera
Sent in by Amanda P., Age 16 --- Maryland
**In Loving Memory of**
Lamonte, Kevin, April, Ronny, Shaun, Chad,
Laura, Jason, Minesh, Jayesh, Andrew, Todd
We All Miss You Dearly

May 14, 2003

"Remember that everything must pass, even the greatest sorrow."

Author Unknown
Submitted by Maria C., Age 16 --- Wisconsin

"Life has many roads to take, and some may lead astray.
In this time of sadness, take it day by day."

Author Unknown
Submitted by Maria C., Age 16 --- Wisconsin
Even though it might seem like it is too difficult to go on with life, it still keeps going. If you take it day by day, life will slowly get easier and the sadness will pass.


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