"Time heals griefs and quarrels, for we change and are no longer the same persons."
--- Blaise Pascal


June 15, 2005

I cried a thousand years,
a salty river flowed.
I think I will drown in my own tears,
cause I cannot let you go.

Written in 2005 by Ashley W., Age 15 --- Washington
My mom died a few months ago, and I cry so often that I feel like I am going to choke to death. Even when I have no tears left, somehow there's always more.

June 15, 2005

"When you are in your mother's stomach, you don't know how great and beautiful life is, therefore, if life is this great... how great is Heaven?"

Author Unknown
Submitted by Emily P., Age 13 --- Ohio
I know that Heaven is a wonderful place... because I BELIEVE.

June 15, 2005

"When put through hard times by God, it is not a punishment but a test on how you will conquer your problem."

Copyright © 2005 Matt Wendorf

June 15, 2005

I lost my identical twin sister in 2005 to a vehicle accident. While dealing with all of this I had the stressfulness and privilege of planning her funeral the way I wanted it. That meant having to write a poem to be put on her head stone. That was one of the hardest thing I think I ever had to do. I was so proud of the piece when I was finished. I poured my heart and soul into it and I would like to share it with all of you.


If I could have one life time wish
One dream come true
I would pray to God with all my heart
For yesterday and you

A thousand words can't bring you back
I know because I've tried
And neither will a million tears
I know because I've cried

You left behind broken hearts
And happy memories too
But I never wanted memories
I only wanted you

To your resting place I go
Flowers are placed with care
But nobody knows the heartache I feel
As I turn and leave you there

Written in 2005 by N.J., Age 21, Indiana

June 15, 2005

"Remember, as much as your sorrow is today, so shall your joy be someday. God will not put you through so much pain if he does not have so much happiness already planned for you...the universe has always maintained a constant stream of balance."

Copyright © 2005 Kamala Binol

June 15, 2005

"What is death? It is the crossing of the soul into heaven or hell. It teaches that no one is invincible. It shows that love goes beyond life. It makes me wonder why I ever worried about life. It proves that it doesn't matter what you do in life. It won't bring you down or raise you to the top. It brings shivers to some and makes some people happy. It puts the thought of the perfect place, where nothing is wrong. It makes me think of nothing but god and myself. It says that everyone dies...but this isn't true either. It will never be true if you truly love someone. It will never take control of me. I live for the moment, I live for what god wants of me, I live for fun, I live to love. I love life but I can't wait until I'm in the lord's grasp, never to worry about anything ever again."

Larry Childs
Submitted by S.F., Age 16 --- Illinois
My uncle wrote this to me

June 15, 2005

"When you think you cannot go further, Hope whispers, 'Just one more step'."

Author Unknown
Submitted by Christian Nyame --- Accra, Ghana

June 15, 2005

Learn to make the most of life
Lose no happy day
Time will never bring them back
Chances swept away
Lose no tender word unsaid
Love while it shall last
The mill will never grind again
With waters that have passed.

Author Unknown
Submitted by Shantala Kothare --- Maharashtra, India

June 15, 2005

"Pain will always be there; friends will too. Lean on them and let them help you heal. Everyone heals differently, but we'll heal altogether."

Written in 2005 by Cassi B., Age 13 --- Massachusetts

June 15, 2005


As my tears began to flow from my eyes
I am reminded of where you are.
Although you are an eternity away from me,
I know that you are not very far.

You are in the bright stars
That twinkle above my head at night.
You are in the warmth of the morning sun
Which gives me much-needed light.

You are in the song sung by the flock of doves
Which nestle in the trees.
You are in the gentle feel, on my face,
Of the tropical breeze.

You are in the sound of the white-capped waves
Which break upon the shore.
You are in the livelihood of the fish swimming
In the ocean's depths for evermore.

You are in the peals of merry laughter
Which beckon to my longing ears.
You are in the resonating shouts of joy
Which always dries my tears.

You are in the whispered reassurance of love
Coming from the lips of loved ones.
You are in the firm exhortations to,
"Go forth this day and, for me, have much fun!"

You are in the furry softness of my dog, Haiku
Cozying up near my face.
You are in the inaudible sound of God's beauty
Which fills this Place.

You are in the sad lullabies
Of both Elvis Presley and Bobby Vinton.
Yet you are also in the happy love-stories
From Chuck Berry and George Harrison.

You are everywhere I go,
No matter how eternally far away you are from me.
All I have to do is live for your love--
Not only externally but also from deep down within.

Now, as my tears begin to flow from my eyes
I will be reminded of where you are.
Although you are an eternity away from me,
I know that you will never be very far.

Written in 2005 by Jolene C. --- Hawaii
I wrote this poem in loving, tearful tribute to my father, who died on June 13, 2004.

June 15, 2005

"Death is a reminder that there are few things in this life that we have control over, Death, being one of them. We always have complete control over the 'choices' we make for ourselves. We can choose to focus on the 'gifts' that were brought into our life by the person who is passing, and choose to use these 'gifts' in living our life to the fullest."

Copyright © 2005 Michelle W. Seamons
This came to my mind as I am in the 'grieving' process of losing a Dear Friend in my life.

June 15, 2005

"Why is it that we do not LIVE EACH MOMENT as though it were our last? Each beautiful moment we are sharing with someone who is close to our hearts, could very well be the 'last page' of the chapter of having that person in our life. May we cherish each moment we are living."

Copyright © 2005 Michelle W. Seamons
I am in the process of losing a dear friend. It is now apparent that although her 'strong willed' heart is still beating, it is not for long, and all the lights will soon be turned off. We had an entire year of 'adventures' planned to take together this year, we both intended to make this year GREATER than last year, knowing that topping 'Last Year' would be tough... Now, it is known that topping 'Last Year' together, would be impossible.

June 15, 2005

I recently turned 16 and have been thinking about the rest of my life. I have a college placement and a full time job, all of my own back, but something is missing. I realized it is the 9 people I have lost in my life in the last 9 years.

This hurts me because the people I lost were the people I always needed and who always managed to make me smile. The most recent is my Nan who died last August, and I wrote in about it last year, including a poem I had written.

But my purpose of writing today isn't to cry; it is to show other people and especially teenagers that even someone like me, who is only 16, and lost 9 people in 9 years, has come so far. The people I lost and the pain I felt have had a long-term good effect, because I now know how to help other people who need me, and I can be successful.

So to anyone reading this, time is the best healer, and as I recall saying last time... one day will be a better day. At the time of loss, it will seem like your life has ended, you don't want to go on living, and you are in denial, because you convince yourself it isn't true, and even people I lost a few years ago, I still have trouble telling myself they aren't there.

So you see it takes a long time but the pain will always be there. All you have to do is make sure you remember the good times... and know that your pain can be channeled into helping others as I have done.

As I look into my future now, leaving school, I see that this is the start of the rest of my life and I think that's a good place to leave all the hurt behind.

Written in 2005 by Dawn Amy --- England, United Kingdom
Thank you xx keep smiling.. it really does help =)

June 15, 2005

"Tears are the words our heart can't say."

Author Unknown
Submitted by Sara B. --- Massachusetts

June 15, 2005

"When we realize how a frail and passing thing life is, our values come into sharp focus. In the awareness of the inevitability of death, it is easy to distinguish between what is truly important and what is of little moment."

Paul Huff
Submitted by B.B. --- North Carolina

June 15, 2005

"Depending on God has made me to be INDEPENDENT on MAN , because depending on man causes discouragement and depending on God results in ENCOURAGEMENT."

Copyright © 2005 Faith Ndlovu
Life has taught me to depend and trust my creator. He is the one who made me and in his words he has said that he knows the plans that he has for me so that is why I trust in him. He will always encourage me and lift me up every time I fall.

June 15, 2005

"Always remember, "Depth of pain is inversely proportional to the rate at which you accept the facts". This means if you accept the facts at a faster rate, the depth of the pain is not that much. But, if you take more time to settle down so acceptance of the facts will be at slower rate, then the depth of pain that you experience is definitely to a greater extent."

Copyright © 2005 Priyanka D. Teredesai
This quote suggests that if you come across the facts that destroy your ideas or dreams, then the best way to tackle the situation is to accept them immediately and get over that time by planning for your future strategies. That's the way you feel less pain or almost no pain if you practice this.

June 15, 2005

"Can you look in my eyes and see.... see that I've cried a million tears... just for you? Let the pain flow through your heart.... and let the truth be told you can't change the past-- you can't change the future.... so let the pain and memories be made ...unforgettable."

Written in 2005 by Colleen C. --- New Jersey
For those who are going through a rough time, I thought this might help.

June 15, 2005

"They say when you lose someone you love, it will get easier with time.... I find it getting harder and harder every day. This pain I feel seems to never subside... carrying you with me... every step of the way."

Written in 2005 by Colleen C. --- New Jersey
I lost one of my best friends almost a year ago due to a car accident. I find it extremely hard to deal with, yet poems and quotes like these seem to help... For those who are going through a rough time as well... I hope this provides some support and understanding for you.

June 15, 2005

Nearly all of my life, people have come into my life for a season. It's always hard to know that after you say goodbye that one last time, it'll be for good most likely. What's worse than losing a friend? I can't think of any because any loss is hard especially when you don't get to say goodbye. I know, I didn't.

Almost two years ago now, my dad summoned my brother, sister and me for a family meeting. The look on my mom's face told me one thing, who did what this time and whatever it was it must be serious. It was much worse. The words, "Grammy's gone," told me all I needed to know.

Unexpectedly my grandma had suffered a heart attack in the early morning hours of September 29 2003 and went to Jesus all alone. She had called just the day before to wish my dad a happy birthday. She didn't seem herself. My sister had the worst reaction and everyone spent the next two hours completely in tears hugging and holding everyone, tissues reigned and phone calls were made. In minutes the entire family was notified and no less than a week later we were all bound to Hawaii for the funeral and family reunion.

My family has always been very close, very open and very emotional about everything. Gram knew that and she also knew that we wouldn't find time to have a family reunion. She was a powerful symbol in my family, a loving, warm, very generous matriarch, a fabulous grandmother and warm and caring mother and from the stories I've heard, a great friend.

I"ll always miss how her presence made Christmas that much better, how a hallmark greeting card with an aloha from her on my birthday brought a smile to my face. She did wonders for our family while she was here, I know she is healthy, happy, and rejoicing next to Jesus with her precious cats and dog.

Any loss is hard, just remember that they are in a better place and you will get to see them when it's your time to go home.

Copyright © 2005 Jennifer Wellsmore
Losing family is a very difficult thing to deal with. Crying and even being angry at what you can't control are normal reactions but not necessarily good. God is in control. His plan is what keeps us going all the time. As much as our hearts cry for them, they are always here. Someone mentioned in their comments earlier on the page that you should look next to you because they have been there the whole time. That's God, in front of you to stop you making a mistake, behind you to catch you when you fall, there to walk beside you as a friend, and my favorite, above you to guide and watch you all the days of your life.

June 15, 2005

"Pain is a gift that nobody wants."

Author Unknown
Submitted by Caleb Nyaranga --- Nyanza, Kenya

June 15, 2005


The Tsunami smeared fear on my tiny world,
I, a flautist, petrified as I try to play my flute.
Each nerve pathway, blocked completely,
I felt no pain at all; I was unable to move.

My music, drained into the howling vortex
And each melodious note shattered into pieces;
My arteries and veins lost their elasticity,
My crimson corpuscles melted one by one as their color faded.

The evil wind swept my joy to an unknown galaxy,
My tears began to trickle to each of my ribs,
Then soaked into my wailing aveoli.
I was in the heart of the Tsunami.

Copyright © 2005 Tri Tran

June 15, 2005

In Loving Memory of:
Shawn Walsh -3/16/05
David Grimes - 12/19/04
Lauren Zagorda

Recently two (2) of my classmates have died and our whole class has been devastated. Overall we have lost 3 friends. They were all wonderful and inspiring people and we will always miss them. One died during the summer after 6th grade from leukemia. Another died this year when he committed suicide. He was on the football & wrestling teams, and well liked. The last also died this year from leukemia. He was on the basketball team, and they won sectionals for him. He died on the night of their banquet. All three of this people are missed everyday and will not be forgotten. Please tell people what they mean to you before it is too late.

Written in 2005 by A.A.--- New York

June 15, 2005

In loving memory of Shawn Walsh


In the game of basketball, your opponent is known, is studied, is defended. Weaknesses are found and exploited. Your opponent does the same to you. Yet, they have no way to assess it. Do they have more or do you have more? It is settled out on the court, game after game. Even when you're down, you're not out. Comebacks are always possible.

Never underestimate inner fortitude. A good team can always draw deeper than their opponent. Deeper than even they themselves thought they could. Teams like this leave an unmistakable mark to which others can aspire. You find out that the opponent you are facing is not the other team, but indeed yourself. You have the ability to reach deep: deeper than you thought you could. Imposing your will, and as a result, look back on success. Dig deep. Play hard. Success will be yours on the court and in the game of life.

Written in 2005 by Stephen Walsh
Submitted by A.A. --- New York
Mr. Walsh wrote this while his son, Shawn, was in the hospital with leukemia and could not communicate while his basketball team was trying to win sectionals. Knowing that Shawn would want to send a message to the team, Mr. Walsh wrote this inspired by Shawn. The basketball team did win sectionals in Shawn's name, but unfortunately, Shawn died a few weeks later while his team was having their end of the year banquet.

June 15, 2005

"Martin Luther King once said that it is only when things are darkest that you can see the stars. No life event, no matter how negative, is ever wasted IF you look for what is meaningful."

Copyright © 2005 Sander I. Marcus, Ph.D.,

June 15, 2005

Once there was a young boy. His father was a drunk who beat his drug abusing mother and the young boy. He never realized the struggle to keep the family together. One day, the father never came home leaving nothing but his mother. The young boy grew up with nothing but a mother who was lost. The young boy grew up, with no self-esteem, no confidence but like everything, times pushed forward.

The young boy grew to be a young man and for some reason, out of his own strong will, he wouldn't let other people control who he was. He went on to play football, baseball and basketball. Quite an athlete he was, got A's and B's, didn't fall to peer pressure, how could he?

He finally knew who his family was and what rotated in their life, and these were things he would go on to beat because he knew what he didn't want. The young man took control of his future but fear still took a place in his heart, the fear that life ended with death. But he found religion on his own, and he realizes even now to this day, god will take him in his arms.

Now, if a young boy could grow up with such a bad starting position, and came out to what every parent could trust with their life...why can't everyone else?

Written in 2005 by Shane F., Age 16 --- Illinois
This is a story of me. I grew up with almost nothing to live off of, I came out to be exactly what most parents want from their kids, I'm finally realizing my accomplishments and I'm very proud of myself. God has pulled me through, he put me into a position where I could have thrown my life away, but I made something of it.

June 15, 2005

"You don't have to hold onto the pain to hold onto the memories."

Author Unknown
Submitted by Jay J., Age 18 --- NSW, Australia

June 15, 2005

Bring me a tomorrow
Bring me happiness with no hate
Bring a peaceful world that's forgiving
For our Angels to embrace

Listen to the voices
That our inner spirit brings
Listen till our heart is content
And allow our freedom to ring

Smile through the stresses
By assisting a person or two
Allow yourself to begin
Another day renewed

Know that you are not alone
As our tears fall together as the rain
And the storms became so heavy
That we felt the weight of pain

But when the weight is lifted
And the sun begins to rise
I will hold you close and whisper
I am the rainbow in the skies

For with every vibrant color
There is a gift each brings
To cloak you in our Love
"Love" is an amazing thing

Bring me a tomorrow
Bring me happiness with no hate
Bring a peaceful world that's forgiving
For our Angels to embrace

Copyright © 2005 Lori Foster
I was an abused child and endured the pain of an alcoholic father who has recently passed away. This poem is a dedication to him for Fathers Day.

March 18, 2005

In memory of my mother, Cathryne, our precious guardian angel.


My mother went through 3 major battles with breast / bone cancer over the last 8 years and we released her to the loving light, last year. It is coming up to the anniversary date in April.

The first time mom found out she was sick, our patio in our house was swarmed with ladybugs of every different color and number of spots. Throughout her battle, oddly enough every time she was scared, a ladybug would stroll across the ring of her coffee cup, or one was doing laps around the toilet seat when she was sick from chemo ...they would show up in strange places and always at a time when she needed some reassurance. When we were swarmed with them, no one else in the neighborhood had seen any at all. It was her special message that the spirit of comfort was near.

When mom passed, I would find a ladybug land on my shovel, in the garden, as I was in the middle of a meltdown...and I would remember her strength and courage. 7 months after mom passed away, I feared that I was just making these signs up in my head...ladybugs are just a part of summer...I thought...

But one day, I was feeling very sick and in a lot of pain. I was curled up on my bed and of course very emotional because I just wanted my mommy to comfort me, and she wasn't there. Something caught my eye on the ceiling; it was doing laps around my body over and over again. I figured it was a little house spider, and I was in too much pain to get up and "take care" of it. I fell asleep and when my husband came home and checked on me, I groggily asked him to flick on the light and "take care" of the spider that had been doing laps over my head.

He turned on the light , got up on the bed and said, "I don't think you want me to squish this one..." he picked it up on his finger and showed me a beautiful bright red ladybug! This is in October!!!! And I know that was a special sign that she was there, in spirit, reminding me that everything was going to be ok.

If you are in tune, you will see your "special sign". I pray that everyone who is hurting will be lead and cradled with comfort as they journey ahead.


"God put eyes in the front of your head so you can see where you're going, not where you've been."

Peace be with you always.
Copyright © 2005 Lisa Durante

March 18, 2005

"Life is an ocean of sorrows, with drops of happiness in it."

Copyright © 2004 Abhishek Mishra

March 18, 2005

These words were given to me right after my dad died two months ago. They will remain with me always:

"God saw he was getting tired and a cure was not to be, so he put his arms around him and whispered, "Come with Me." With tearful eyes we watched him, and saw him fade away. Although we loved him dearly, we could not make him stay. A golden heart stopped beating, hard working hands to rest. God broke our hearts to prove to us, He only takes the best."

Author Unknown
Submitted by A.S. --- Kentucky

March 18, 2005

"Bad things just don't happen to break you down; they happen to break you down and build you up to be all that you were intended to be."

Author Unknown
Submitted by Zach M., Age 17 --- Colorado
This quote means a lot to me because it is my one and only ray of hope I will always have no matter how much farther my life goes down the tubes. My family has abandoned me, my best friend hates me, a friend of mine almost succeeded in trying to kill me, I just got robbed, I am heavily addicted to crystal meth and every step I take to make things better in my life only makes things worse.

It's been a rough past 3 years and this quote is my only ray of sunshine. This quote and the fact that I don't know what else to do are the only things that keep me going every day. I just hope that it helps somebody else in a time of need. If it helps you out, send Motivating Moments an email so I know that I at least have touched one other person's life and shared my ray of sunshine in a time of darkness for them.

March 18, 2005

You may think you're all alone, but you're not.
I am here. Let me help.
You may think no one understands you, but I do.
I am here. Let me help.

You may think your problem
Is so big and embarrassing,
But it's not that bad.
I am here. Let me help you.

You may think you can't survive another day
In this crazy world!!!
You need to just get away!!
But I am here.
We can run away together.

You may be asking yourself,
"Who is this person?"
Just look next to you....
They're already there for you...
It's a true friend!!

Written in 2005 by Angie G. .C., Age 15 --- Louisiana

March 18, 2005

"Don't ever let your horrible ordeals pull you down on your path to greatness. Always remember that they must come to strengthen, test and remold you to be what you have been purposed to be, in life, by ALMIGHTY GOD. If you must succeed, then you must be tested and proven. That is exactly the mission your ordeals are meant to accomplish - to better you and soar you to the zenith of your ambition."

Written in 2005 by Martina Efua Barth
God bless. And to the wonderful Barth family members I say, "I'm glad to have been born into your fold. Keep flying high and always remember that success is all you have been destined to attain in Jesus name. Amen "

March 18, 2005

"Soon your deepest cuts and saddest woes will fade as a better light shines through a hole worth looking through."

Author Unknown
Submitted by Amy B., Age 14 --- Georgia
I was in a pretty bitter time where everything was putting me down and I didn't think life could be much worse. One of my friends saw my pain and decided to say this to me. I, of course, was in awe of this quote and I'll remember it forever!

March 18, 2005


I have passed over to the other side of God's rainbow
Where I watch the angels fly
For I have a great vantage point
From my new home in the sky.

I offer God all my praise and glory,
For he has granted me his heavenly grace
Now, all my former earthly problems
Have simply vanished, without a trace.

I ask my loving family
That they not mourn too long and cry
And as you wipe away the tears
Try not to reason why????

For God in his infinite love and wisdom
Has His own timetable and master plan
And as time passes by
We will all better understand.

Now, I tip my cap and direct a kiss
To my loving family and best friends
I salute all my brave brother firefighters
Who served with me until the very end.

Now, I bid you all a fond and heartfelt last goodbye
From my new home in the sky
Where the saints and angels fly.

Copyright © 2005 Joseph P. Martino
Dedicated to all the brave firemen past and present, especially the hero fire fighters who lost their lives in the line of duty in order that we may live.

"The greatest legacy and inheritance an individual can leave to others is a life lived and remembered by fond memories of unselfish love, devotion and service to family and mankind."

Copyright © 2005 Joseph P. Martino
Dedicated to the memory of Ronald Regan

March 18, 2005


You were suppose to take care of me
You weren't suppose to leave
I thought you'd see your grandchildren,
Not leave me at 16

I cry every night
Wanting you to be there
And every day I come home from school
And I can't find you anywhere

Quite frankly mom, this sucks
I want you here so bad
I miss you more each day
And the memories we had

So many moments have been lost
Never will you see
Days such as prom or graduation
Or me as the homecoming queen

Mommy, I know you'd be so proud
And that only makes things worst
I work so hard for you
The sadness makes me burst

Somehow I'll find the strength
I will continue on
I won't fail you now
Even though you're gone

Mommy, I loved you then,
Now and all days
Even though I'm growing up, Mommy
I'll be your baby, always

Written in 2005 by N. B., Age 18 --- Arkansas
My mom died when I was 16 years old of complications after surgery. She was in the hospital in ICU for 3 months and my family finally had to make the decision to take her off life support. She was the one person who has been there for me throughout my whole life. My father isn't around much. I have a wonderful stepfather who I consider my dad, but no matter how wonderful he is, my mom will always be the most important person in my life. I'm in my senior year now and everyday it's hard to get up and face school without a mother to help me through. This has changed my life forever. I wrote this poem to express my feelings. I hope it might help other realize it's okay to get upset and be angry. I will miss and love my mother always.

March 18, 2005

When you lose someone don't be sad, although it hurts. Always remember that nothing happens without God's will. God is the one who loves us 70 times more than a mother, so how he will do any injustice to us? So how he will give us tears? Actually it's only our limited vision, which can't see, and we can't understand at that moment, like a ignorant child, how God will favor us. So SMILE and keep strong. Believe in God, because God is biggest in comparison to our wishes and if He wants, even miracles can happened in a second! Then how can He make us lonely? We are never alone because He is always with us. We have to find Him and make a friendship with Him. Only then we will realize how secure and happy we are! And you will find your way to this beautiful life.

Written in 2005 by Aysha Iftikhar --- Pakistan
Always trust in God and always be thankful to him even in your hardest times, because he is only super power. If he gives us tears, then he is the only authority for our happiness. Why take tensions for our future? It is always ours if God is with us!

March 18, 2005

One morning I was at my friend's house when I got a call saying that my best friend had passed away. The weird thing was I thought it was some idea of a joke and so I didn't really know what to say or do. I just sat there and cried and called my mom. Se said, "It's true. I just got of the phone with Alyssa's parents and they said she had hung herself in her closet."

It was horrible. She was my best friend in the whole world. I love her with all my heart and miss her dearly. It's been almost a year since its happened and I still remember all the good times that we had, not too many of the bad times, but needless to say it's been awhile she passed away on March 28, 2004.

I still think about her often and cry myself to sleep now and then. I find it hard to move on. I don't think that I will ever be able to move on....ever. She could make anyone smile or even laugh.

I remember this one time at the school dance. The song, "Hey Mamma", came on and we were laughing and dancing away. Of course we weren't very good at it, just joking around mainly, but it was all good because no one really cared. They just laughed about it and walked away.

All I can say is R.I.P My Babi Girl
I Love You and Think About You Often
I Will Never Forget You As Long as I Live -

Written by Chris C., Age 15
Suicide is not the way to go because there are many people out there that care for you.

March 18, 2005


Less than two months ago, I lost someone in my life who had been there for me since the day of my birth. She loved me so much, and I know that, but if only I could have said goodbye. She died of a heart attack unexpectedly. I can't even imagine living the rest of my life without her.

Sometimes, I just can't take it and I cry on my bed for hours. It just doesn't seem real that she is not here on earth anymore. Something that helps me is just to think about how much better she has it in heaven, rather than here on earth.

I realize how selfish I seem by feeling sorry for myself and crying for so long. If she were here now, she would be asking, "What on earth is all this fuss about?" She was the most selfless person I knew, and she was just like a saint. I believe now and I will believe forever that she is an angel sent from heaven.

Written in 2005 by B.C.--- British Columbia, Canada
Here is my advice if you have lost a loved one like I have.

Pray. Ask God to take care of him or her. Ask God if you may speak to her, as if your prayer is a telephone. Talk to her and tell her you miss her, but tell her you know she is much happier in heaven. Ask her to please help you overcome this heap and realize that it's better.

Rather than thinking of YOUR loss and what YOU are going to do because of this great loss, think of the memories and happy times. Think of how great she was. Think of the fact that the reason God took her from you is because he wanted her back home, because she is loved so much, because she is such an angel. I really hope this helps you, because I know it is helping me, and although I miss her very, very, very, very much, I know I will see her again someday in heaven.

March 18, 2005

She was 11, he was her best friend's father. He forced his way into her bubble. At 11, he touched her, he made her do things and he scared her. Her heart, warm and forgiving, she accepted the pleading apologies he gave her. He grabbed her when he tickled her and got her alone when he could. He did this for 3 years.

14 years old - he raped her. He grabbed her and watched her struggle for quite a while. She was kicking and screaming and crying. Her muscles were tired and hurting but she couldn't give up. 3 months later, she told the police. She was scared but knew she had to. It was a shock to everyone because her grades were fine and she acted happy. Within 8 months, 2 other girls came forward. 10 months after she revealed this secret, he pled guilty.

Now, 16 years old, she still has nightmares and can't stand someone joking about rape or molestation. But one thing is true; she is a stronger person and probably saved many other girls from this nightmare.

Written in 2005 by N.C., Age 16 --- Washington
This is a true story. I share this with you to give you hope. Lies, abuse, rape, anything at all should be fessed up. You may be saving your life...or someone else's. Never underestimate the power of your words and your actions.


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