"Every life has a measure of sorrow, and sometimes this is what awakens us."
--- Steven Tyler


February 17, 2003

This is a poem I wrote for my friend when she started cutting herself.
I hope it helps some people.

Just Remember

When you told me I sat, depressed
I grant fragile human bodies should not be oppressed
The need for something I can't comprehend
Love is the only thing I can send
I closed my eyes and said a prayer
To a being you're not even sure is there

My head began to fill with dismal visions
Cuts, slits, slashes and incisions
Feeling hot, salty tears forming in my eye,
I thought, "I would lose it, were another to die"

So after sitting in silence, I spoke what I felt
No, that's not quite it; I feel something else
While I sit here weeping and write you this letter
I hope all things will change for the better

You are so beautiful inside and out
I know this beyond a shadow of a doubt
Please don't do this to yourself
I'll always be there, should you need any help
Although misleading things in your face are shoved
Just remember, that you are loved

Wishing to remain Anonymous, Age 15 --- California

February 17, 2003

"Always forgive, for one you may not see again!"

Written by Heather H., Age 16 --- Kansas
I thought of this because my boyfriend and me had broken up, and I had not talked to him for about two days. Then I went to a party and he was there; I loved him so much! He talked to me a lot that night, but I got mad at him. He tried to hug me and say sorry for everything, but I just left! Later that night he was in a car accident and died! The next day I found out he still liked me and wanted to go back out! To this day, I try to forgive everyone.

February 17, 2003

I wrote this in a card for my friend after her brother died.

"The pain of a friend will always be the pain of me. When you shall cry, I shall cry. When you shall smile, I shall smile. My shoulder is your shoulder to cry on; my heart is your heart to share happiness and grief; my hand is your hand to help you up when you have fallen."

Written in 2002 by Laura G., Age 15 --- Maryland

February 17, 2003

Though your hurt is gone,
Mine's hanging on.
And I know it's eating me,
Through every night and day.
I'm just waiting on your sign,
Cos I never meant to cause you no pain.
I realize I let you down,
But I know in my heart.
I know I'm never gonna
Hold you again.
I'll love you always,

Jenny Smallwood --- Georgia

February 17, 2003

In memory of Sylvia H. Meinhart, Grandma Goodie,
May 3, 1918 - Dec. 31, 2000

We miss you Mom.

"On the day you were born you were crying and everyone was smiling, 2 years ago when you passed away, everyone was crying and you were smiling."

Carol Spencer --- Iowa

"You will not have your Mom forever, but forever you will only have one Mom."

Carol Spencer --- Iowa

February 17, 2003

Dedicated to Nanar van Homeijer, who died almost 2 years ago.
Forever in our hearts.

The crumbs under your shoes,
As you're trudging up that hill again, running in the field.
If you feel bitter or angry or see someone with my hair,
I know what my leaving has caused in your life.
Just run up your hill again and think it our church.

Rest on the Golden steps and drink in my presence.
And if you're ever drowning, I'll be dry land.
And if you're gasping for hand, I'll be higher ground.
I'm you're hill, won't be looking down on you forever.

Feel my breath in the wind, as it strokes your ankles.
And if you hate me for leaving, let me put you to rest.
Because I am, very much, believe me.
I'm not the Earth you stand on anymore.

I can't hold you up. I can't stop you from stumbling.
But I can feel your heartbeat as you run, feel your tears as they fall,
Catch your sweat as it dries in the wind,
But only on our hill.

Under your soles, you'll take little bits of me with you
Every time you leave.
Don't worry; you won't wear me down. I'm your hill.
And we'll always be sitting there, together,
Dropping ashes onto the grass, and staring up at the sun.

Copyright © 2003 Elke Boogert


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