"To spare oneself from grief at all cost can be achieved only at the price of total detachment, which excludes the ability to experience happiness."
--- Eric Fromm


November 16, 2006

Don't shed a tear, as I am still with you...
I am never as far as you think...
When in doubt...
Kneel down...
Close your eyes...
I'll be with you...
To comfort...
To guide...
To clear your confusions...
My words lie inside you...
My existence is all around you...
I am never as far as you think
Copyright © 2006 Jariel Morales

November 16, 2006

My Tribute To Steve Irwin

You had us all jumping out of our seats and
sometimes out of our skins.

You had us all holding our breath and wondering
if it was ok to breathe again.

You taught us about compassion and loving all
living things even the scary ones.

You showed us all the meaning of family by
showing us what yours meant to you.

You introduced us all to Terri, Bindi Sue, little Bob,
your dad and a dog named Sui.

You introduced us all to your unique way of talking
and to Aussie words like Crikey.

Most of all you taught us all that life has to lived to
it's fullest. Rest in peace Steve Irwin.
You will live on forever in our hearts.
Copyright © 2006 Lenny Schmidt

November 16, 2006

Remembering Our Son
By Mariane Holbrook

We'll only remember the good things
Like the day when our baby was born.
How he filled all our lives with such pleasure,
Never knowing that now we would mourn.

We'll only remember the good days,
Like the day when he ran to our arms
And he flashed his big smile so endearing
And displayed his unique baby charms.

We'll only remember the good things
Like the presents he wrapped with his love
And presented his heart to his parents
Like a gift straight from heaven above.

We'll only remember the fun times
When our family would gather as one,
And our laughter would fill all our household
At the antics of him, our dear son.

So today though we mourn at his passing
And we wipe sorrow's tears from our eyes,
We'll remember this son whom God gave us
And brought so much joy to our lives.
Copyright © 2006 Mariane Holbrook
Mariane Holbrook is a retired teacher, an author of two books, a musician and artist. She lives with her husband on coastal North Carolina. She maintains a personal website and welcomes your Emails at

November 16, 2006

Lost Family

Just to be near my mother always made me feel great,
She was more than a mother; she was my best mate,
A tower of strength anytime I was down,
To lift up my spirits by acting the clown,
To join in my victories, to add to my cheer,
With a big grin, "good on ya" and a stubby beer.

The day she was born god discarded the mould,
And he fashioned by hand a heart of pure gold,
You're heartbeat is now stilled, I won't dwell on pain
I'll look into the future where we will meet once again,
For now, my sister, best friend Patsy, and my only mother,
R.I.P., you will remain in god's care and my heart forever.
Copyright © 2004 Tammy Clancy
When I was 12, I received a phone call while living with my grandmother - the caller was my grandfather. He had told me my mother and sister had been killed instantly in a truck accident. It has been 18 years and not a day goes by when I realise what I haven't got. All through school, and even now, I watch people with their families and it used to make me angry and jealous.

I have made a family of my own now. I have twin girls and a boy and I realise what I have and who needs me now. Death is a sad thing but from death comes a greater learning experience than anyone could ever imagine. As Steve Irwin had said about his mother, " No one in this world could comprehend how hard it is to lose someone close to you."

November 16, 2006

"It is not the world that is shattering; it is your illusion of the world."
Author Unknown
Submitted by Cassie B., Age 15 --- New York
This quote helped me through tough times. Instead of thinking horrible thoughts, I just thought about this quote and it made me feel better within minutes. This quote's is true because the world is not the same to everybody; everyone sees out their own eyes. We all see the world and the things around us differently.

November 16, 2006

I lost my mom to cancer 10 years ago this past August. I have never really dealt with her passing and now it has bubbled up in my life like a boiling pot of water. If you have lost your mom or dad or anyone close to you, please mourn them. Take the time to grieve. Love the ones who are still here and let them know it often. Forget the little irritations of the day because they aren't that significant in the long run. I love you Mom!
Amy Bocage --- Arizona

November 16, 2006

I know it's hard when losing someone you love; looking at the spot where they always sat to watch television, or looking at the other side of the bed where he/she slept. But we all know, no matter what the reason was, they are in a much better place. I am writing this for all of you who've lost someone you truly love, whether it be a mom, brother, husband, or child. We must always dwell on the good they have done. I know it's hard. I too lost 2 people I loved, my brother and my grandmother. They were great people and I hope I get a chance to see them one day. There is really nothing we can do to bring them back, so we must move on. No matter how hard it is, we must continue. I hope that everyone that is reading this will understand that it is time to move on. You must remember never to forget.
Matt F., Age 18 --- New Jersey

November 15, 2006

"My Best Friend"

With each passing day, I grow stronger,
Yet I still cannot let go.
I often question my reasoning
For feeling so low.

Still I put all of my faith in the Lord
Who looks after me from somewhere up above.
And I take comfort in knowing
That He holds me with His love.

There are days when it seems harder for me
To face the world outside.
Days when I feel as though my emotions
I cannot control or hide.

I believe in angels and I know that she is up there
Watching me in everything I do,
Yet sometimes I feel like that is not enough and that is selfish,
But still it is true.

There are so many things that happen from day to day
That I wish to share with her and only she would understand.
The kinds of things I would tell her about
And she would hold my hand.

They say that a person will not comprehend the importance
Of making the very best of the time that we have to spend
With the ones we truly love
Until we no longer have the chance.
It is then when they must come
To see the true meaning of The Dance.

One day I pray that I shall see her smiling face again.
This time I will swallow my pride
And remember she is my mom,
And also My Best Friend.
Copyright © 2005 Jaclyn Brooke Dale Tennyson

November 15, 2006

To My Daddy

I know you are a million miles away in heaven,
But yet your spirit is with me always...
Your body may have died but yet,
Your soul was set free of pains and worries...

So many memories make me think of you,
I will keep them in my heart forever...

I wish that I could hold you in my arms,
But I feel you around me all time...
I know you are in heaven with GOD, family and friends.

I feel good inside knowing you're not alone...
I know one day I will see you...
But until then, I will see you in my dreams...
I love you now and forever...
Copyright © 2006 Eliecer Perez
This is a Poem I wrote on my Dad's 2year anniversary of passing. Hope it bring you peace and understanding.

November 15, 2006

At the times the burden to bear,
Just seems to drag us into despair.
When the world strips you of your worth,
Flings gall at you and beat you down to earth.

Your hopes and dreams are taken away,
Stripped of your dignity and your soul let to bear.
Bills amounting and mouths to feed,
The manager lets go with minimum care.

The health issues of loved ones looms about,
There no way in heaven you can pay you know without a doubt.
Your screams and shouts of help,
In the pool of humanity is just like a yelp.

Ask God why he has left me so,
With no hopes and dreams, nowhere to go.
Prayed and listened but with silence it came,
Like a little voice that was drowned out during the day.
In the chase of money and worth,
I failed to listen to Him and his little ways.

"A gift I gave for you to share and bring light fore,
Many a path we must take but know what fire that burns within you forge"

"Be the gift that I bared, the seed I sowed within your soul,
So that you may make this world a better place not just for you alone"

"Follow you heart so that it may lead you there,
But remember too much head at times makes us goes nowhere"

"Many a dark places at times we must roam,
So that we may find within our heart the true way home"

The voice spoke it's piece and left,
I smiled and dived into the abyss without a care.
For I know at times of the deepest dark,
That consumes us, our soul and being whole.
The light that He has forged within,
Let us soar on angel's wings.
Copyright © 2006 Eugene Chang Keng Ann
After trying hard to meet expectation as an accountant, my superior let me go and cited I was no fit to be one. It was the worst time he could do it since I really needed the money. And worst, that was what I always wanted to be. But truth be, sometimes things do work in mysterious ways and I took the time to grieve but also think when I was most complete in my life and finally found within the love to teach and currently trying to get into teaching. And I knew why I was unhappy all this time being something I was not. I wrote this in hope of sharing the thought that letting go and believing at times is a mircale in itself.

November 15, 2006

"God places the heaviest burden on those who can carry its weight."

I am witness to this, indeed.

I was only 3 when my parents divorced, but I remember very vividly the day it happened. It changed my life dramatically. But it didn't stop there. My life is in shambles after my beloved and fun-loving step-father, Kevin, left my mom and I after a small dispute with my mom. My brother and sister were grown up and moved out already, so I was left in a world of gloom and dread. We lost the house we lived in, and had to move into a shoddy one after that.

In 2004, my mother found out she had an iron deficiency and very thin blood when she cut herself shaving. After the wound refused to close, the doctors knew they had to amputate. So my already-unhealthy mother lost her leg. I lived by myself in a haunted house for three months. No, it wasn't haunted by demons or ghosts or spirits, but by sadness, misery, and depression. I was thrown into a world of oblivion, and the only way I could fight was to be angry and lashed out against the world.

Why me? I constantly asked. But no one answered. I lost God and became a heavy drinker. All at age 16. I was scared to be nice to people, and it was much easier to be arrogant and vindictive to everyone I knew. The straw broke the camel's back when I was a senior. I loved a girl for about three years and she decided to "hang-out". This went on for about a month when I would pour my heart out to her. One night she called me and told me she didn't want a boyfriend anymore.

I was shattered, and I tried killing myself. I got into self-mutilation- cutting with knifes and razors, burning with lighters, poking pins into my flesh. I worried everyone. But I found God again, and my close friends helped me cope. I also found this quote, which gave way to a new me. It made me see a new light.
Author Unknown
Submitted by Matt W. --- Ohio
After all I've been through, I've been trying to find an excuse for why I am put through so much. But finally I found the answer. I had never thought of it this way, and I'm glad I came across this quote while perusing through some inspirational words of wisdom. I was trying to blame Karma, God, and myself for these terrible things that I have been witness to. Now I know. I am the strongest, toughest, most thick-skinned human that I have the pleasure of knowing. I can brag about that. No one I am acquainted with has seen as much. When I read these words, shivers were sent down my spine and I became cold. Indeed, it was a majestic discovery.

November 15, 2006

"The pain I feel is great, no amount of time or help can take it away. I hurt each day since you went away, when we needed you the most, you flew away. It was unfair that you had to die the way you did. The pain I feel is great, no one knows what each day brings, but tomorrow with a song of praise, a tear in my eye and hope in my heart, I will rise again. For I know, you would wish me to live happy and well."
Written in 2006 by Moses Clive --- Uganda
I wake up and struggle each day with the death of my mom. Not a single day goes by that it haunts me. I still feel the pain, I am a Christian but still the pain and the healing is an ongoing process. When I think am over it, am back to square one. Pray for me.

November 15, 2006

She was my best friend. I could tell her anything that was on my mind and not be afraid of her judging me. When she died, she left my heart broken and my world a very lonely place. I didn't know what to do, how to deal with it or how to go on. So I just put it in the back of my mind and pretended that nothing happened. But unfortunately, 4 months later, the pain and suffering is worse now then ever before. When my mother died, it felt like I was wounded and could never recover. Nothing will help until the day I see her beautiful face again.
Written in 2006 by Crystal W., Age 16 --- California

November 15, 2006

A boy at our school was killed the other day and it hurts but I just wanted to say "WE LOVE YOU JOHN!!!!"
Written in 2006 by K.S., Age 17 --- Alabama

November 15, 2006

As I sit here today waiting for a beautiful tomorrow,
I plead to god not to give me any more sorrow,
As I say this I hear a voice deep down inside,
"My dear child only because you have this sorrow,
You have a hope for a better tomorrow
Hold on, keep going, keep fighting and
tomorrow shall have no more of this sorrow."
Written in 2006 by Jasleen Johar

November 15, 2006

"What the heart has once known it shall never forget."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by E.B. --- New Mexico
In loving memory of Chris, Denise, Jaelynn, Veronica, LiL Leo, LiL Geno, Jaren & Natasha. Your memories give us the faith to go on.

November 15, 2006

Step Back

Take it all in
Watch the leaves shudder
In response to the stark breeze
Choke back tears
Hold tight to hands
Try to keep yourself from
Breaking down.

Five identical faces emerge from the crowd
Then six, then 7 Stone cold and blank,
Hearts collapse inside chests
Weighed down from a burden far too big to bear
For children of that size.

When it happened
That's what we were,
We were children.

Birds soar over the beautiful site
Where he lays at rest.
Maternal smiles
Leave me confused
At the cemetery
Written in 2005 by Alicia S., Age 16 --- New York
This poem was written in loving memory of my friend John Anthony. He passed away on November 2nd, 2005 at the tender age of 16. His smile lives on in the hearts of those who love him. He will always be a part of us. We will never let him die.

November 15, 2006

"Some people leave our side, but never our mind."
Author Unknown --- Submitted by R.I., Age 18 --- Michigan

November 15, 2006

Never a day passes by I don't think of you.
I can feel you still with me.
With every drop of rain that falls,
When the wind blows gently on my face,
When the snow falls lightly all around me,
And the sun fills me with its warmth,
I know it's you embracing me with your love.
Never will we be far apart.
You will always live on in my heart.
Copyright © 2001 Angela Grimes
I wrote this for a memorial for my Mom who died in 1999. She was actually my grandmother - who raised me from birth. She was a remarkable woman who suffered a lot in her life but she handled adversity with such grace. She is missed by all who knew her. I love you Mom.

November 15, 2006

"All endings are beginnings; we just don't know it at time."
Paulo Coelho --- Submitted by Goofy D. --- Philippines

November 15, 2006

I lost my Father on June 24, 2006. It was the hardest day of my life. The first lost that I have had. What a way to experience death! On Friday I talked to my dad said "I love you, talk to you tomorrow". The next day my 15 year-old brother called me on the phone and said that my dad was on the way to the hospital. Needless did I know that he was going to be dead before he made it there. My life forever changed that day. Who I am will never really be again.
Written by Sarah Kramer --- Illinois
There was a poem read at his funeral that brings comfort to me. I hope it will do the same for you. It's called "I'm Free"

November 15, 2006

"Loved ones are not easily forgotten. However, in order to really be functional in this real world, you have to let go of the thought that they are not around and keep all the fond memories in your heart."
Copyright © 2005 Latoya Smith
I wrote this on the day my friend was buried. I had just lost my mother on Jan 10, 2005 to murder and my friend died in a car accident on Jan 20, 2005.

November 15, 2006

Losing someone you love is a very difficult event. Losing someone you love suddenly or without warning is even more difficult to handle. I love him. I rack my brain for things to say, appropriate things to say, however, I continue to come back to the fact that I loved him.

Family is a large word, six whole letters. Some people go through life not knowing their family, some may know theirs and chose not to associate, such a great loss. I am blessed to be part of a wonderful family and a wonderful extended family of friends. And so was Pops.

We all know how very much he loved his mother. He constantly stated she was all he had in this world and all that mattered to him... His Mother. And I know as I sit here, that there is a joyous reunion going on in Heaven.

It tends to rain every time I lose a loved one, or some storm rolls through and then the sky brightens and I feel that that is God in Heaven and all our loved ones, who have gone before us, beaming with joy over the new arrival.

I'm writing this the day Pops died, and it didn't rain today, no storm or anything. Father God, I wonder if that is significant? You took him suddenly, I'm a little upset, I don't think I hugged him when he left, and I always do. I know I didn't.

No storms came. He left my life as quietly as he entered it. I can't remember exactly when I started loving him and him I. I told him I loved him often. I loved you Pops and you will be greatly missed by me.
Written in 2006 by Cheroyal
I wrote this after losing a very special co-worker. Pops didn't have any family after his mother passed. I was the one who found him in his apartment deceased. I just had to write something to clear my head.

November 15, 2006

"We don't know what it's like to stand on a cloud or be happy and not hurt, for we know not what Heaven's like. "
Written in 2005 by Chelsey C., Age 17 --- Texas
I wrote this quote because Heaven is beyond our imagination. Our minds can't even comprehend what it is like. I hope that this quote helps someone in need.

November 15, 2006

RIP Leiff 1988-2006

On August 10th 2006 I lost the love of my life. As I am only 17 I suspect some of you probably think I am insane, that love at such a young age is impossible. It IS possible.

For 5 years I have been a heavy drug user. Cocaine, Meth, Ecstasy, Crack... you name it, I did it on a daily basis. I went to rehab on many occasions. For 5 years my parents tried everything there was to help me. I didn't change. If anything, I kept getting worse. I hated looking at myself in the mirror, I hated everything about myself and the world! Then I met Leiff.

The day I met Leiff, I slept at his house. I never ended up leaving. About 3 days after meeting me, Leiff broke up with a girlfriend of 2 years. We were in love. The way he would look at me, the way he'd say my name and "I love you", the way we would do EVERYTHING together. Basically, he was the one person I was waiting my whole life to meet.

One night, as I was coming home from getting groceries, I had an awful feeling. It felt as though something really bad was happening. Leiff was nowhere to be found. Later on that night, I was told Leiff was hit by a car. The second I heard that I knew in my heart I would never see him again. About 5 hours later I found out my Leiff died. My world shattered. I wouldn't eat. I could talk but I had no one and nothing to live for.

In a situation like this, everybody I knew - all my counselors, workers, friends and family - expected me to get even worse into the drugs, or kill myself. I didn't. I did the exact opposite.

The night Leiff died, I completely stopped using. There was just no point. Leiff showed me I was worth more, that there is a purpose in life. By loving me, he showed me that the emotions love can give you are more powerful and more amazing than any of the chemicals out there. Because Leiff loved me, today I am alive.

I know some of you may be reading this and thinking, "Oh, she's just a drug addict or not even understanding what I am saying". Basically there is a reason for everybody you meet and everything that happens in your life. Everything that happens, happens for a reason; there is a lesson to learn from it.

Why is it that I met Leiff at that particular point in time... just before his death? He saved me ... I was one of his missions.

When you are put on this earth there is a path set for you. You have certain missions you must accomplish and lessons you must learn. When someone dies, no matter how sudden, unexpected or horrible it is, it was meant to be that way. It was their time to go home and you must understand this. It is hard but it is true.

Remember that you do not lose someone when their body dies; their soul still lives... in our hearts and in our minds. Just cherish the memories you have with that person and remember when it is your time to go, your loved ones will be waiting for you with open arms, helping you find your way back home.
Written in 2006 by E.P., Age 17

November 15, 2006

Dear Mallory,

I didn't really know you.
The minutes we had exchanged were few.
I can see now that you were loved so much.
I can see all of the lives that you ever touched.
I only wish that I could've gotten to know you better.
That's the reason I writing this letter.
You were one awesome girl.
You made life fun in this world.
I just want you to know,
Just how much we love you so.
And even though you're gone,
Somehow with our memories, we will carry on.
Oh and one last thing that I want to say...
Is that I hope you have bunches of fun
Up in Heaven everyday!
~Love Casey C.

P.S. I can't wait to meet you up in Heaven!
Maybe we can go to a 7-11! (lol)
I know that no matter what,
We will have tons of fun!
But my life here is not done.
Since you're up there,
Please save me a place,
Mallory, I can't wait to see again your beautiful face.
Written in 2006 by Casey C., Age 15 - Tennessee
This poem is really a letter in dedication to Mallory Scott, age 18, who died in a traffic accident this year. My whole school was hurt by the loss of her. She was loved by so many people it's unreal. I didn't know her all that well, but I wish that I did now. Everyone kept saying what a great person she was, but now I will never get to meet her. People die to make LIFE important.(six feet under) Cherish the moments you have with everyone in your life, because you won't always have them.

Losing Loved Ones...

When loved ones leave us we are filled with sadness.
When we are in denial, the fact that they're gone is madness!
I know that we shouldn't be this way because in the end
We still have what matters most, which are the memories.

We should be happy that they're in a better place,
That they have no more problems to face.
They probably miss us so much too,
And only wish that we knew.

The loss of a loved one may tear at our hearts,
But just think, your life with them in HEAVEN has yet to Start!
Written in 2006 by Casey C., Age 15 --- Tennessee
I believe that there is life after death. So don't be full of grief, but feel happy and be glad that you still can see them up in Heaven.

July 17, 2006


Sleep your time away
Lose the time, it's gone
Forget your yesterdays
Pass the time, it's done

You're left standing alone
Fending for your own
But I'm fighting for you
But I'm striving for you

It just took me away
Nothing I could do
Remember me today
I will return to you soon

You're left crying alone
You must comfort your own
But I'm crying for you
But I'm trying for you

Please don't go away
Say you'll wait for me
Pray for us today
Accept my apology

Please release your sorrow
Let us do our part
Hope for better tomorrow
I will hold you in my heart
And you will never be alone
In God you're always home

And I will breathe . . .
And I will bleed . . .
And I will strive . . .
And I will fight . . .
And I will try . . .
And I will cry . . .
And I will die for you . . .all for you
It's All for you . . .
Nathan Bouchard
Submitted by Irene S. --- California
Nathan Bouchard, who is the author of this poem, was killed 8-18-05 in operation Iraqi Freedom, the war on terrorism, in Sammara, Iraq when a roadside bomb ripped through his Humvee.

July 17, 2006

"When someone you love becomes a memory, the memory becomes a treasure."
Author Unknown
Submitted by Anna Wallin --- New Mexico
My best friend recently lost a pregnancy of twin boys at 22 weeks due to twin to twin transfusion. This quote has reminded me that no matter how brief the time or how few the memories, never let go of a single second. Though we never got had the joy of seeing them alive, we will never forget their beautiful faces and the short time we spent with them after birth - they will always be in our hearts. We love you Mason and Connor!

July 17, 2006

"There are times when things feel wrong, people are cold and mean, life seems unfair, and I wonder if I am the only one hurting this bad? I miss you my friend, where have you gone??? I feel like I am living in a dream, not accepting you can't ever be near me. If only you were here, you'd know how I feel."
Author Unknown
Submitted by Julie Love, Europe

July 17, 2006

"If you love someone, you should learn to let them go."
Author Unknown
Submitted by Neejoo S., Age 13 --- Russia
This gives me inspiration for my broken heart.

July 17, 2006

"Those whom we love never truly leave us. They are always with us in our hearts and our soul and our mind. "
Author Unknown
Submitted by Jasmine Dixon --- United Kingdom

July 17, 2006


Silence, no words spoken
Yet spoken in the mind
They talk without moving their mouths
They cry, they cry the tears of destruction
Their native land destroyed by a raving mad woman
Named Katrina, she's ruthless, heartless
She left many to die in the cold
Many died by her angry waters
The Gulf Of Mexico, non-existent
New Orleans, Well it'll never be the same

And the people wailed and wept
For their lost loved ones
Children searching for their parents
Husbands searching for their wives
But they can't find them
The stench of death fills the air
The people live in poverty and despair

Who will help them?
Who will come to their deliverance?
God almighty, spare them, ease their pain
Give them shelter
Because Fema sure's not going to deliver them

The Mardi Gras, they had it anyway
And they had a good time
And they pick up the pieces and start all over again.
Copyright © 2006 Angela Wilson

July 17, 2006

"The certainty of tomorrow is but a hope and a dream. Of time we know nothing at all but its tenacity to remain. The gift of life is an opportunity for one to expand himself through experiences and relationships. When time calls for life to cease we must respect and appreciate the moments we were privileged to know, because as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the end. We will one day reunite following this circle of life."
Copyright © 2006 Anthony S. Austin, Jr.
Love is life. Without love, we are mere zombies without direction and unbalanced reason.

July 17, 2006


"If grief is remembered joy, and my tears are proof of love, I will cry a river for you that runs to the sea and never ends."

Be at peace, though, my son. My tears are no longer shed in despair. I think of you with every beat of my heart, but I think of your life and the light shining from you; I dare not think of your death. The darkness of your last mournful breath should not shadow the brilliance of your beautiful life. I will not allow it. I will not darken your name, but shout it out loud. I will continue to shine your light to the far ends of our world so that everyone can see it, and they will know that you, with your beautiful soul, left my world a better place.

My grief is indeed remembered joy. It is the price of loving. You were my Sunshine; you warmed my heart and soul. I cannot look at your picture, hug your clothes, or sleep in your bed without remembering the joy you gave me.

If I shed a tear and remember joy, why would I want my tears to end? You are still giving to me. You are still teaching me. Your love is still within me. We have come full circle, my son. Through all things, and for all time, we are connected. You dwell within me and I am at peace.

In stillness and solitude, your light shines on and in me. Your Sunshine still warms my heart and soul, forever mine to hold.
Copyright © 2006 Susan Patterson
In honor of her son, Grant, who committed suicide on December 25th, 2005

July 17, 2006

"Through everything in life, all you need is to smile at something and remember that it all happens for a reason. No matter how much it may hurt, find someone you can cry on, even if it's yourself."
Written in 2006 by Elizabeth C., Age 17 --- West Virginia
I still remember you, Brenda, even though it was 13 years ago that I watched you die. I still love you --- you were the woman that was my other mother, because my Mom was abusive. I remember what you told me, too..."When you look at the stars smiling down on you, Elizabeth, smile back and blow a kiss because it's really me doing the same." Cancer everything to avoid it and cherish those you lose, because you never know when you'll see them smile again.

July 17, 2006

"I must keep laughing instead of crying. I must keep fighting until I'm dying."
Written in 2006 by Diamond W., Age 13 --- Wales
This was inspired by something Paul Robeson said.

July 17, 2006

"Life is like a clock. We are born, grow up and die according to our biological clock. But we should not cry at the demise of our beloved but instead we should try to fulfill their wishes and be happy, as our beloved would never want us to be unhappy".
Author Unknown
Submitted by M.S. --- India

July 17, 2006

"We may be the product of our past but don't become a prisoner of it."
Author Unknown
Submitted by Gregory R., Age 15 --- Ghana

July 17, 2006

Two months ago, I was in depression. I didn't know how to survive without hurting myself, so I called my best friend that I left when I moved away, Alicia. She was the only person who understood how I felt, and she was the only one I truly lived for. We even planned a special weekend together, so we could bond and talk about how we both felt. I was happy we planned it, and after my mother confirmed, it was all set.

The next morning, I awoke to a loud phone ring and loud sobbing on the other end of the phone. After I had figured out what my other friend was saying, I fell on the floor in hysterical sobs. Alicia had passed away that night from rare sleep syndrome. I didn't know what to do, but after I came crying to school and my friends figured out what was wrong, they helped me through my depression and through the pain of Alicia's death. Now I still remember her, but only the pleasant times we've shared, and now she is more alive then ever before.
Written in 2006 by KJB, Age 13 --- Canada

July 17, 2006

She loved me from the day I was born,
She has always been there when I mourned,
She would always be at the door,
She was there whenever I needed care,
She kept away the polar bears,

She taught me all that she cared,
To run with the wolves,
To fly with the birds,
To swim with the whales,
To sing with the wind,
To dance with the clouds,
To roam the land,
To scare the nightmares,
To care about the beauty of the sea,
And to create beauty from what I see,

She loved me,
She cared me,
She was always there for me,
She kept away the polar bears.
Copyright © 2005 Christine K. Kagak
I wrote this poem shortly after my grandmother died, & I found that writing poems helped me get my feelings out.

July 17, 2006

Sometimes we have to let go of the ones we never want to lose
But in this case it was in God's hands and not for me to choose
The tears would run down my face to the thought of this day
The day you'd go and be with the angels and be so far away

But then I came to realize from the bottom of my heart
Nothing has ever gotten between us and has ever torn us apart
You are still deep inside me I can still feel you there
Now you are with everyone and you can be everywhere

I know now that you are happy and not sick in any way
But the thought of you passing beside me happens each and every day
I know you know we love you
And I know you love us too
It's just going to take some time for us to make it through

You've brought our family so close together
As I felt us fall apart
Don't ever think we've forgotten you
You are forever in our hearts
Written in 2006 by Molly B., Age 15 --- Illinois
My father was never in the picture of my life. My Papa (grandfather) was. He was my father until I was 7 years old when my mom got married. Papa was always there for me, for everything I ever did. As the years went on he became sick all the time. Then he got Leukemia and couldn't get any treatment because it would've killed him. He died on January 29, 2006. I held his hand as he passed away. It was really a blessing that he went because he hated living the way he was. He couldn't do anything anymore. I've learned to express my feelings through poetry. It's really helped me a lot.

July 17, 2006

"Life is painful here on earth, but just remember: Far beyond the Sun you have a home, a Home Sweet Home, where there will be eternal happiness."
Written in 2006 by J.M., Age 14 --- California
I always keep this in mind.

July 17, 2006

"Today may just be a regular day, but tomorrow it may mean the last."
Written in 2006 by K.R., Age 13 --- Indiana
I wrote this in memory of my baby cousin who has passed away on October 15, 2003. Although we knew she wasn't going to live long, we still didn't think the 7 months that she lived was long enough. We all now know she is in heaven and out of the way from many of the harms today. Sarah Veronica Fleck, may you rest in peace, forever.

July 17, 2006

Our Tribute to Kittie (Evangelyne) LeBlanc

Death is nothing at all.
It does not count.
I have only slipped away into the next room.
Nothing has happened.
Everything remains exactly as it was.

I am I, and you are you,
And the old life that we lived so fondly together
Is untouched, unchanged.
Whatever we were to each other,
That we are still.

Call me by the old familiar name.
Speak of me in the easy way which you always used.
Put no difference into your tone.
Wear no forced air of solemnity or sorrow.

Laugh as we always laughed
At the little jokes that we enjoyed together.
Play, smile, think of me, pray for me.
Let my name be ever the household word that it always was.
Let it be spoken without an effort,
Without the ghost of a shadow upon it.

Life means all that it ever meant.
It is the same as it ever was.
There is absolute and unbroken continuity.
What is this death but a negligible accident?

Why should I be out of mind because I am out of sight?
I am but waiting for you, for an interval,
Somewhere very near, just round the corner.
All is well.
Author Unknown

What is this thing that men call death,
This quiet passing in the night?
'Tis not the end, but genesis
Of better worlds and greater light.
O God, touch Thou my aching heart,
And calm my troubled, haunting fears.
Let hope and faith, transcendent, pure,
Give strength and peace beyond my tears.
There is no death, but only change
With recompense for victory won;
The gift of Him who loved all men,
The Son of God, the Holy One.
Gordon B. Hinckley

When I die, if you need to weep
Cry for your brother or sister
Walking the street beside you

And when you need me
Put your arms around anyone
And give them what you need to give me.

I want to leave you something
Something better than words or sounds.
Look for me in the people I've known or loved.

And if you cannot give me away
At least let me live in your eyes and not on your mind.

You can love me most by letting hands touch hands
By letting bodies touch bodies
And by letting go of children that need to be free.

Love doesn't die, people do
So when all that's left of me is love
Give me away.
Author Unknown

"Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in Heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through and shines down upon us to let us know they are happy."
Author Unknown

"Death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the lamp because the dawn has come."
Author Unknown

Submitted by LeVa Clement --- Mississippi
Kittie died a year ago after surviving Leukemia and a serious infection during chemo that required her to be on the respirator. She died from a blood clot that went to the Brain stem. She was the love of my son, Cory Russell. They were to be married in June 2005. We love and miss you Kittie. She was also the ex-wife of No. 5 of "Slipknot".

July 17, 2006

I never gave up searching for you, my son, when you were kidnapped. My heart died. I finally found you again after twenty something years. Then, you came to stay with me. I went out of my way to make up for all the years we lost, but it wasn't to be. You were so different - we only hurt each other. Now you are gone, after harsh words. You would not talk to me and the hurt was as if you died again. But I am okay. You see, the Lord stretched forth his hands and took away all the grief and hurt.
Written in 2006 by Teri Sexton
I wrote this after finding my kidnapped son in 2001. We have not spoken; we both were hurt. After finding him, he came to live with me but he wanted revenge and he hurt me really bad. But God helped me through it. I wanted to die for a while but now I am okay. I just finished taking my GED. I passed all but the math but I am getting help with that to take it over.

July 17, 2006

"The soul would have no rainbow if we did not shed our tears."
Author Unknown
Submitted by Jacqueline Kerr --- United Kingdom

July 17, 2006

"The pain of the heart is far worse than the pain of the body. For it only takes but a short time for the body to heal, the heart can take a lifetime."
Written in 2006 by Angela Miranda

July 17, 2006

Wish I could hold you up and hug you tight
And make all the pain go away
I've watched you ache and heard your tears,
But all the grief still stayed.
So I wonder why God hasn't taken it from you,
Even though he heard all your cries.
Then I realized that he wanted you to grow slowly
But preciously in his sight.

I am going to have to get out of bed every morning,
And live every day with your image etched into my memory ...
Every time I close my eyes I will see your face,
Every time the room gets so silent
You can hear a pin drop
Your voice will come to me ...

Every time I blink away the tears,
Your arms will enclose me ...
Every time I pray
I will send kisses up to heaven for you ...
My only wish is that I didn't have to ... live here ...
With you there.

I still think of you day in and day out ...
I still wake up at night with a cold sweat on my skin
From a dream about you ...

I still get lost in my thoughts of you ...
I still look around when someone calls your name ...
I still feel the tears in my eyes when mail comes for you ...
I still turn down all the lights at night and cry for you ...
Only for you.

If only I could hear your voice one more time ...
Guiding me through ...
My shining light ...
Maybe that would stop my tears...
Maybe if I could just see your face ...
My heart would stop it's grieving ...

Maybe if I could just let you know I love you ...
One more time...
That would keep my mind at ease ...
Maybe if ... I had told you one more time
How much you mean to me ...
How much I look up to you ...
How scared I am going to be without you ...
You wouldn't have left ... maybe if.

Why do I have to say goodbye?
Why does it have to be her?
Why does it have to be now?
What am I supposed to learn?
That death hurts?

I know it does ...
I know that it's never going to be the same.
I can learn that lesson without losing her,
God, please don't take her away.

There is not too much in this world
That means anything to me right now,
But without her, I am going to stop caring ...
My heart is going to break when hers stops ...
And I am not going to be able to go on ...
I am not going to be able to smile
Once she is gone.
Written in 2006 by Kelcie C., Age 16 --- Utah
I just lost my aunt and she was my best friend, the one I looked to for advice and everything else. I looked up to her too. I really miss her and wish that I could have said goodbye to her. But even though she is gone, she still taught me a new lesson - don't waste life being unhappy, live life to the fullest and everything will work out. I miss and love you Aunt Marie, you will forever be with me!!!

July 17, 2006


An orphan child, standing in sea beach,
Saw another child playing with his parents.
Filled with grief, sorrows and memories,
He sings...
"No Ray, No Way. No Time to say.
Oh Mama Papa, You are away.
To send my Love, what is the way?
To show my light, which is the ray?
Just can say, find your praise in my Pray.
Written in 2006 by Sandeep Kaur --- India

July 17, 2006

"The greatest revenge is living well."
Dr. Phil
Submitted by Mary M. --- California
I repeat this quote to myself whenever I think about my ex husband. I realize that rather than getting mad or bitter, if I live well (financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically, academically, socially and economically) is the sweetest revenge of all.

March 15, 2006

My father died during the World Trade Center attacks, and I watched it happen out of my science classroom window on the 5th floor when we were all supposed to be looking out the window to find a birds nest in the trees below. Your poems and words have helped me deal. Although it was 5 years ago that this happened, it happens again nightly in my dreams.

I thank everyone who contributed to this wonderful section, I read every submission and I think all those people feeling like me helped me with my grief. I still miss my father, I probably always will, but thank you all for making a wonderful memorial site.
Hannah M., Age 14 --- New York

March 15, 2006

"Thirteen years ago this very day, I said goodbye to my best friend Jay. He lived and loved life like none other. How UNFAIR it is to lose one's brother."
Written in 2005 by Sammy O'Cain
The AIDS epidemic becomes all too personal when we lose someone near and dear to us. Jay died at the young age of 35. He was such a loving and creative soul who had such a bright future. Before he was too sick to work, he realized his dream of owning and operating a flower shop in San Francisco. Our mother helped him in the store and on Saturday evenings, when the parade of drag queens and street workers passed by asking for money, Jay would place mom outside with an armful of long-stemmed red roses instead. What a wonderful gesture of love and compassion from someone who knew his days were numbered. Not a day goes by that I don't think of him...and miss him.

March 15, 2006

"When you feel at your worst and you think there is no point in carrying on just remember....things can only get better."
Written in 2005 by P.O., Age 17 --- England

March 15, 2006

"The darkest hour is before the sun comes up."
Author Unknown
Submitted by Amanda F. --- QLD, Australia

March 15, 2006

"People don't remain alive depending on how long they're alive in body. People remain alive for as long as you remember them."
Written in 2006 by Asha M., Age 15

March 15, 2006

"Sometimes in life, a big smile and a great big hug is all you need to get going. It helps to give your close friends a big hug, show them hat you care. Sometimes, giving a big hug lightens up their mood, brightens up their day. So whenever you see someone you care about, smile and give them a big hug. I assure you, it means the world to them."

All the troubles in the world seemed to rain down on me. It was unbearable. I just could not take it any more. My mind was too clouded, I could not think clearly. All the crazy evil suicide ideas seemed to fill my brain. I was thinking of walking right into the path of an on coming vehicle. I searched for God; I could not find him. There was just an empty feeling inside of me. It was a crazy do or die feeling. It was the worst mental torture of my life. I wanted to cry, but there were no tears. I wanted to cry out in anger, but anger seemed to have run away from me. The feeling I had at that moment was beyond words. I felt empty, lonely, hopeless and helpless. There was no love in my heart, only hatred and bitterness.

But then out of the blue, I met my best friend, Lina. I saw her smile, I saw Jesus, I saw love, I saw hope. That single smile lightened up my spirits. Then she caught me by surprise, by giving me a big hug. I was not expecting that. But with that single big hug, I felt Jesus. I felt peace. I felt that he was hugging me, saying "Everything's gonna be alright, take it easy, just calm down, relax. I'm here now".

All the empty feelings I had, seemed to vanish up in the air. I felt the heavy burden being lifted from me. No more empty feelings, no more sadness, no more bitterness and hatred. The only thing I felt at that moment was love. Love that can be only described as heavenly love. I realized that it was Jesus who came personally to meet me that day. He was the one that smiled at me; he was the one that hugged me. He was the one that calmed me down, assuring me that everything's gonna be alright.

In life, when we are really broken hearted, when we feel that life can't go on and that our world has to come to an end; when we feel hopeless, helpless, lonely, bitter, hatred and when we feel that there is no peace, no love, that is the moment, Jesus steps out of heaven and comes to meet you personally. He might not come as a person, but he will come through someone, maybe through a loved one or even a stranger, but he will always be there to give you peace and love, calm you down and give you a reason that life should go on.

It is amazing how God works. Well he is a God of wonders, God of peace and love. Think of anything good in this world, well he is also a god of that too.. Last but not the least, Jesus is also a god of friendship, he is the only best friend you can ever get in this world. Whatever you feel, he feels it too. When you cry, he cries too, when you are sad, he is sad too, when you are happy, he is happy too. The best thing I have ever seen him do, was when he smiled at me, when he hugged me, I didn't want to let go.

Give everyone a smile, and don't forget to hug your loved ones whenever you can...just don't go out and start hugging everyone you meet, because you might be in for a nasty surprise! God Bless!
Written in 2006 by Christine M.S. --- Fiji
I would like to thank my best friend, Chandel

March 15, 2006

Sometimes... when there's nowhere to turn, your heart starts to burn...away. You either got dumped, beat by someone or just don't feel so great. But don't you worry, God gives you strength, you just have to have faith in him... You don't have to pray, he knows right away the troubles at your door. So don't you give up, just try to stand up and keep at the game. So now my friend, this is the end of this song, but remember: It's not the end of your life.
Written in 2005 by Emma O., Age 13 --- British Columbia , Canada
I just wanted to reach all you guys out there:) My song is saying, God is listening to us, he knows what's wrong, but sometimes it is up to you to stay strong. You understand? So please oh please don't think that nonsense about running away, doing drugs because of peer pressure, or suicide, divorce, break up, or anything else. No copy cats please thanks:)

March 15, 2006

Everyday inspired by a song
Even when I go through with my inspirations
It never falls through
No matter what I do or what I have done
I sit and sit
Just to think
But only realizing at the end
It's only time that I'm wasting
Everyday I still look for motivation
Still doesn't work
Too proud to cry
Too stupid to realize
That the worst thing that can
Gotta keep on going
Gotta keep on moving
Just to make it happen...

I gotta do it
For my own sake
This time it's for myself
I'm first priority
Then it's everybody else

Deep look in the mirror
I checked what I have
I have knowledge
I have what it takes
Just to do it right
Gotta give it all
All of my heart
Gotta do it for my pride
People only see the shell
But never take time
To look at what I have inside
Copyright © 2005 Jonathan Espinoza

March 15, 2006

Brandon, at age 23 you were just beginning your life as an adult. I felt as though my whole world fell apart when your dad and I received the news of your accident. I did not want to accept that it was true. I feel as if part of my heart has been ripped out and there are no patches big enough to cover it, but, I am reminded that we are not alone. God has filled that ripped out place and He is mending it a little at a time. Yes, it still hurts. I lost you on October 1, 2005 and the pain, the words of this tragedy are still so clear. I drive by the site of where you were hit by a drunk driver. It haunts me each time I drive by. I love you and you will always be loved. You were the greatest and I am your biggest fan.
Written in 2006 by Brenda Evans

March 15, 2006

"A lifetime of waiting is nothing compared to forever with you."
Written in 2000 by Emily Barker
My mother died when I was 10 years old after a 5 1/2 month battle with cancer. We prayed and prayed that she would make it through the holidays and she went into the hospital for the last time on New Years Day 6 years ago.

March 15, 2006

Accidents happen, that's what they all say.
That's why you are gone, oh so far away.
A young life lost, to great heaven above.
Flying away like a beautiful dove.

A handsome guy, with a thousand great friends,
None of whose hearts will ever mend.
A bright young kid, always wearing a smile;
Always willing to sacrifice and go the extra mile.

Some people talk, and yea they will chatter.
But we keep your family and friends strong, that's the real matter.
You have bright new angel wings,
And heaven rejoiced and oh, did they sing.

A young boy with the most tender heart,
you care and watch over us never really to part.
Now he is safe, and away from all harm.
But we will all miss your amazing charm.

Watch over us from above
Travis Wayne Godwin 12/05,
Connie Wayne Tart Jr., aka "TiZzLe" 10/05,
Christopher Dale Sullivan 11/05
We Miss You Tons!
Written by Ashley O., Age 18 --- North Carolina
Only the good die young.

March 15, 2006

"Death is only but a journey for God's people, for we know that our eternal home is Heaven."
Copyright © 2006 Paul Sibanda

March 15, 2006

"Sometimes, death is a release."
Submitted by B. T. Philleus --- Lithuania
I love this quote because I am inspired of my homeland, Iceland. I love Iceland, which I visit every year. Iceland gets very dark when it is wintertime, but Kierkegaard and other's quotes help many of us to push through and be better and happy.

March 15, 2006

I was left crestfallen for so long,
Can't find the cure though it's not unknown.
I tried to live but life was dull.
I sought too much but found no one.
I thought I'll always stay this way,
A blessed old maid in dismay.
But my fate twisted,
You were sent.
Our paths have crossed and it brought difference.

I love the way you talked to me.
The glimpse, I long to catch and see.
Those teeth that grind as you laugh
And your drop-dead gorgeous locks.

I like it when you read me quotes.
Old or new, I want them both
And though I hate your nasty act,
It doesn't deter me to love you back.

But is happiness really time-bound?
A sudden change in you I've found.
The glow that I saw in your eyes and smile,
Were changed into pretension and lies.
I hate the way I still fall deeper each day.
When you seemed so cold and far away.

I don't know what was with you?
What I have done? I didn't know.
I regret the fact that I lose control,
Without reassurance, I immediately go.
If I had known you better,
Had known you more,
I should have prevented another hurting
In this core.
Yet, everything has been said and done.

To move on was my immediate plan.
I know that's something too hard for me to do,
But it's much harder to stay in love with you.
Written in 2006 by Enitomei CM --- Philippines
They say that writing what you feel takes out the bitterness and pain.. But I must say, it could also heal.. ;-)

March 15, 2006


Life begins after death. Life begins after you have been buried to a mausoleum. It may sound inane , but the irrevocable death brings in for you a new life. Our lives are full of struggle, which moribunds after death. The soul escapes from the clutches of the impish milieu of this materialistic world. The inclemency of so-called life is obfuscating. When you die "life" begins and you start observing yourself. Your soul experiences the eternal love; the love of God. You being a masochist ends, you being a narcissist ends, you cease to be impetuous and you experience the love of God.
Written in 2006 by Dinesh Verma --- India

March 15, 2006

"Live each day as if it was your last."
Author Unknown
Submitted by N.M., Age 14 --- Scotland, United Kingdom
Two boys I knew died just before Christmas in a car crash. One was 17 and the other was 18. Life is unpredictable and you never know when the end is about to come.

March 15, 2006


Her bare feet sank into the colors of dusk;
Spring had returned and winter had melted.
The evening sky blazed like the "great fire of London",
Though, her reminiscence of yesterday's grief lingered no more.

Her heart sang the last love song
As she danced the last Rumba on the shore of Brighton.
The music of the sea caressed her calm soul,
And the crescendo of the empty beach pacified her inner world.
The memories of the deadly fire was, now, cremated, totally;
Now, the entire world was in her cupped hands.
Copyright © 2006 Tri Tran
Reflection of London in the 19TH century, when THE GREAT FIRE OF LONDON occurred.


My lonesome nights outnumber my days,
Darkness fills each empty space of time.
The sun has bled his auburn glow,
The moon has let go of her light,
Each fiery ember of my heart, dimming
Whispering tears, like hissing snakes,
Weave in and out of the jungles' trees-
Seeking shelter to rest their tired voice;
Murmuring wails vibrate the sad galaxy,
In my arteries, thousand knives, piercing those tiny corpuscles.
Copyright © 2006 Tri Tran

March 15, 2006

"They were chosen for a reason! God has a plan!"
Written in 2003 by David H. --- South Carolina
My heart goes out to anyone who's ever lost anyone to the hands of our all mighty God. This quote was one that came to me one night after the loss of someone very dear to many and loved by all.

March 15, 2006

"Stand for something or fall for nothing."
Uncle Richard
Submitted by Nicholas E., Age 15 --- Delaware
I miss you Uncle Rich, R.I.P

March 15, 2006

"God never said he would keep us from having to mourn. He did say he would be with us when we do mourn."
Dale Beaver --- Motor Racing Outreach
Submitted by Lenny & Peggy Schmidt

"It's the saddest day on earth when we lose someone we love. For them, it's their happiest day because they are going into heaven."
Robby Loomis
Submitted by Lenny & Peggy Schmidt

From the Hendrick Motorsports Candlelight Vigil 10/27/04

March 15, 2006

"Look at everything as though you are seeing it for the first time or the last time. That way your time on Earth will be filled with glory."
Betty Smith
Submitted by Ange E., Age 15 --- NSW, Australia

"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Faith makes us whole."
Author Unknown
Submitted by Ange E., Age 15 --- NSW, Australia

"What God intended for you goes far beyond anything you can imagine."
Oprah Winfrey
Submitted by Ange E., Age 15 --- NSW, Australia

March 15, 2006

"Look up, what do you see? The sky? There are more things beyond the sky."
Written by Ogunyemi Sola Solajacobs --- Nigeria
What you are passing through is not the end of your life.

March 15, 2006

"When all else is lost, the future remains."
Author Unknown
Submitted by Naren Dharmaraj --- India

March 15, 2006

I have been trying to deal with grief surrounding my mother since a small child. I am adopted; my biological mother abandoned me when I was 8. Throughout my childhood years I clung to my image of her, everything I had of her I kept. To me, she was so special, a princess; I just figured she couldn't handle me, just like the rest of my foster families. I loved her with every ounce in my body and felt that this would bring us back together again. I clung to the idea that she would always come back. I loved her very much.

Occasionally I would hear from her on holidays, I think it was when she most regretted giving me up. Throughout my life, growing up, I was cautioned to straighten up or I would end up like her. More often than not I'd hear people say how much I looked like her and, later, how I attracted trouble like her. Although I was adopted into a loving and supportive family, I never allowed myself to feel loved or to love anyone but my mother. Eventually this thinking got me in jail.

When I was 20 I began to allow her in my life. We started building our relationship (what we could), until I got out of jail on November 22, 2004. I tried to live with her, but it didn't work. I didn't want to leave her though. She was a very depressed woman and I loved her so much, no matter what pain I went through I couldn't leave her. I stayed in the same town, but got my own place in late January 2005. She came by my place early on the 3rd of February to talk, but I couldn't because I had to go to work. I didn't even let her in my house. I can still remember how she looked and her driving away as I did.

On February 8th I was frantically looking for my mom. I had called her employer to find her and found that she'd quit that Friday so she wasn't there. She had been an in-home caregiver, which means she didn't have a home.

As I drove toward one of her favorite places I received a phone call from a state police officer telling me that her car had been found at Cape Arago, a lookout to the ocean (our special spot), and she was nowhere to be found.

The whole next month is a blur for me. We couldn't find her. There were empty bottles of pills in the front seat of the car, as well as a last will and testament and a few letters to family. It looked as if she was living out of her car.

I think it was the second week of March when they found her. They are certain she died that day I was looking for her. I never got to say goodbye. I haven't even been able to look at a picture of her. I can't stand it that all year, if I do talk about her, it is as if I don't care, no big deal. I shrugged it off because it is so hard to deal with. I feel her all the time and it hurts so badly.

I haven't gotten on my feet again; I lost my job and had to move in with my aunt. Most times I have a really hard time with her suicide, and with the way my life has gone and how often I've heard people say I've followed in her footsteps in so many ways, but I can strongly say that one quote has kept me going through it all. Something that Maya Angelou said in a speech:

"History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage need not be lived again."

This gives me the hope for myself that I control my destiny, and how I will continue to live my life. I still love her, but I am not her. I miss her so much.
Written in 2006 by Elizabeth H. --- Oregon
Thank you for such a wonderful site. I felt comfortable for the first time since my mother's death, talking about it.

March 15, 2006

"What will survive of us is love."
Author Unknown
Submitted by S. Heighwaya --- United Kingdom
I saw these words inscribed into one of the most beautiful, artistic gravestones ever. When I read this it touched me deep inside, in that place where you just 'know', without knowing how, that something is true. It's the same as when Eckhart Tolle says that - "Death is a stripping away of all that is not you" - you somehow just know it's true!!

March 15, 2006

A few months ago, my dad told my brother and me that he was leaving us. It hit me like a bullet. For the next two weeks I did not talk to him. I prayed and asked God to help me through this time. For a while, things got worse. My dad told me that he would come to my choir practice but didn't show. When he called, he didn't even ask how my choir went. It broke my heart when he didn't come but it broke it even more when he didn't ask me how it went. Later on my dad apologized and said he would make it up to me. I said that the only way he could make it up to me was for him to come home. Two months later he told us that he was coming back to stay. He promised to never leave us again and not come back.
Written in 2006 by Laura R., Age 13 --- Georgia

March 15, 2006

"Footprints, in the sands of time, are not made by sitting down."
Author Unknown
Submitted by R.S. --- Florida
This helped me a lot when I was going through manic depression. I looked at this quote and realized that I had to move on with my life and make the footprints deep and meaningful.

March 15, 2006


It's surprising how often I think of you, turn to speak to you, and realize you're not there, as I expect you to be. I guess I hold you so close in thought, that it's hard to understand sometimes that you aren't close in person. But I wanted to let you know I'm thinking of you, and wishing we could talk, laugh, cry, just like we use to. You're really missed. I'll see you in my dreams, Mikey. Love, Mom
Written in 2006 by Mary H. Silva --- Texas
On May 22, 2005 one of my four sons, Mike, 25 years old was killed in a motorcycle accident. He loved rock music (TOOL) and riding his dirt bike with his brothers and cousins. He would always tell them that someday they "should" go out to the levees and watch the sun come up.

Well, on this beautiful Texas morning he went alone to do what was always a "something" he wanted to do, and paid with his life. On unleveled ground, he lost control and was thrown several feet away from his bike. I later was told by one of the policemen, who was nice enough to show me the exact location where he was found, that Mike was facing eastward when he was found at about 9:30a.m.

We miss him terribly, especially HIS brothers, they were very close. Now we just visit the site. We've set up a memoriam with a cross and flowers at the site. We often go and watch the sunset, where my baby saw his last Sunrise.

March 15, 2006

"Grief is the agony of an instant, the indulgence of grief the blunder of a life."
Benjamin Disraeli

March 15, 2006

"The ones we love never really leave us. You can always find them, right inside your heart."

Author Unknown
Submitted by Natalie T., Age 14 --- California
I do believe that those who have died are watching over us. And for everyone who has lost someone, like me, just try to remember that they really aren't lost at all. They will never be gone. As long as you keep them close to you, in mind and in heart, they will never be gone.

March 15, 2006

"Most people feel that suicide is the best choice when you have all these problems that keep building up. But that isn't your only choice. Try and work things out and choose a different path."
Written in 2006 by Michelle P., Age 14 --- Connecticut

"When no one is there for you, you should be happy that you have yourself."
Written in 2006 by Michelle P., Age 14 --- Connecticut

"Don't take every minute, every hour, every step, every laugh, every day, every month, every year, and everything for granted, because you never know when it could be the last."
Written in 2006 by Michelle P., Age 14 --- Connecticut

March 15, 2006

"Don't grieve. Anything you lose comes round in another form."


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