"To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die."
--- Thomas Campbell


April 16, 2003

This was written and read out loud by me during the inaugural event of a trust established in the memory of my friend who was killed in an automobile accident. His wife and child were also present. I wrote it to explain such a tragedy the best way I could.


He was our son, the apple of our eyes
So affectionate, obedient and dutiful in our old age,
Thought he'd take care of us
Dear Lord, how can You do this?
Why did You take him away from us?

He was my friend, philosopher and guide
Someone with whom I could enjoy and share
When needed thought he'd always be there
Tell me Lord,
Why did You do this?
Took him away, one so special to me?

He was my partner and my companion for life
So loving, caring, kind and patient
Thought he will be with me forever
Dear Lord, How could You be so cruel?

Took him away,
One who was bound to me?
He was my dear father and my beacon
So doting, playful, used to make me laugh
Thought he'd be around to see me bloom
Tell me Lord, why did You do this?
Snatched him away, one so needed by me?

I hear you all, please try to understand
Each one of you is a part of Me
I send each one of you down to earth
With an opportunity and a challenge
To become a perfect soul
To please Me

As a grain in a shell becomes a pearl
As coal, under pressure, turns into a diamond
Each soul, is expected, during life's journey
To be polished into a clear shining mirror
Reflecting the Glory of Me.

He was eager and conscious of his purpose
I saw My Self in him, sooner than expected
Hear Me!
Mother, Daughter, Partner and Friend
Please do forgive Me,
I had to take him back
Because he became equally dear to Me!

Copyright © 2002 Avalokitananda Ravishankar

April 16, 2003


Heaven awaits the arrival of our souls
Majestically, wonderfully, with open doors
Yet those who leave are never really gone
They haven't died, left or "moved on"
They instead are with us everyday
In the things we hold, the precious words we say
Love, is not something you can lose, or misplace
It's not about benefits, or winning the race
Instead about joy, lending a hand
Giving happiness to soul who was damned
When true love is given, it'll never be lost
No matter the consequences, no matter the cost
It's your to treasure, to hold, to keep
From now, until whenever, again, you'll meet.

Copyright © 2003 Jennifer Michelau
Thank you for this opportunity to share with other people what we can.

April 16, 2003


It seems like only yesterday when I held you in my arms;
I cradled you and held you close and kept you safe from harm.
It seems I only turned around and you had grown so tall;
And then you started off to school in just no time at all.

Before I could even bat an eye, you were off chasing the girls;
And it seemed as if there was a million miles between our worlds.
I know I often did things that you just didn't understand;
But I know you appreciate them now that you are a man.

It was hard for me to believe,
But I looked up one day and you were grown;
And in just the twinkling of an eye you had children of your own.
I watched you being a father, making the same decisions I had;
I still found it hard to believe my little boy was now a dad.

I watched your children growing up
And wore the name 'Grandma' with pride;
But each time I looked at you I still saw my little boy inside.
I taught you many lessons and I remembered you in my prayers;
I bore your every pain and endured all of your cares.

I've run the races with you and made your battles my own;
My work here is now complete and its time I must go home.
Not to the house just around the corner, but the one just up above;
Just like my home there on earth, this one's filled with lots of love.

I know I leave you in God's hands, for I placed you there long ago;
I know that you will be all right because the Father told me so.
I will always be there with you, though my body now must part;
For I left my footprints long ago embedded in your heart.

I leave you now to take my place in that mansion in the sky;
I will find rest for my soul at last in my home on high.
Remember son that throughout my life you were my pride and joy;
And though you grow older each passing day
You will always be my little boy.

Copyright © 1999 Sonya Hammond


When you were just a baby I held you in my arms;
I shielded you from the world and protected you from harm.
As you began to grow, I was always there;
I no longer held you in my arms but I held you up in prayer.

Soon you were off to school into boys and football games;
A parade of friends were passing through, many faces, many names.
I watched you as you struggled for your own identity;
And I often thought to myself you were the image of me.

You were now a young woman, ribbons and bows I put away;
And, oh how I burst with pride on your wedding day.
I watched you from afar as you entered another world;
Many people saw a woman that day, but for me I saw my little girl.

I watched you raise your family and never did I interfere.
I knew if you needed me, you knew I would be here.
I watched you make decisions and take control of your life;
It was still hard for me to believe my little girl was now a wife.

I would often think about the times when you were just a child;
And I wished it could be that way again, just for a little while.
But, I knew I had to let you go, so in God I placed my trust;
And now my time has come, and though it's hard to let go, you must.

Remember we come here for just a visit for none of us can stay;
Know that I will always be with you, just a prayer away.
I leave with you my legacy that forever will live on;
My love for you will always be, so I never will be gone.

I'm merely going to find rest just over Jordan's tide;
I'm going to find peace with my Father on the other side.
Your hurt and pain will soon be gone
Though you may find it hard to believe;
I'm resting in my Father's arms, so please try not to grieve.
Remember that while I lived, you were my whole world;
And though you grow older with each day,
You'll always be my little girl.

Copyright © 1999 Sonya Hammond

In loving Memory of My Uncle Mr. Anthony (Billy) Smith

It seems like only yesterday when our lives were intertwined.
But, in the twinkling of an eye, you went your way and I went mine.
Though my days were filled with my own life,
Many times I thought of you.
And though you didn't often say you loved me, deep inside I knew.

I must have crossed your mind a million times,
For I know that you crossed mine.
I wanted desperately to see you
But it just seemed there was never enough time.
I thought the day would never come
When it would be too late.
I thought tomorrow would always come
So I could afford to wait.

But, time waits for no one, and now we must say goodbye.
My brothers try to be strong, my sisters, please don't cry.
For life on earth was full of trials and battles all my own.
But I don't have to fight anymore because now I'm goin' home.

I will see my mother and father they will be waiting there for me.
No more heartache, no more pain, how happy I will be.
We have had our time together, good times and all the fun
But my life is now complete, and my work here is now done.

I know it will be hard for you, but know that I had to leave.
To all of those I dearly loved, please try not to grieve.
I am going to take my place, just over Jordan's tide.
I am going to find rest for my soul just on the other side.

I know I leave you in God's hands for you were placed there long ago.
I know you will be all right cause the father told me so.
I leave you now to take my place in that mansion in the sky.
Remember I'll always be with you, Goodnight, I love you, Goodbye.

Copyright © 2000 Sonya Hammond

April 16, 2003

I moved from New Jersey over three years ago. I just found out a few days ago that an old friend was hit by a car, and has been in a coma for over two weeks. I am so scared for him; although it doesn't look good, we all are pulling for him, hoping that he makes it out alive. He is a good kid, and it puzzles me why God would set the world up like this. But I once heard an old expression through a book, and that "Nothing puzzles God".

Nothing but endless pain I feel
These tears,
These thoughts
These emotions
They're real.

The hurt is more than I can bear
Like a dagger
It stabs me
Will it not stop
'Til I do?

My world collapsing beneath my feet
My friend
Lying there
Is why I weep.

The pain in my heart shall not escape me
It laughs in my tear-streaked face
Must I go through this torment?
My heart does not crumble,
Instead, it shatters

The small fragments
Cut my feet
As I try to walk
Away from my grief
Away from my love
Away from the world.

And so it is
I walk on the broken pieces
That once prevailed a seemingly undying heart
And I bleed
Bleed out my fears
My sorrows
My despair
And I hold on,
For life is throwing my crestfallen remains

The tears I cry
Are enough to fill an ocean
To drown the world in my misery
My pain
My heartbreak.

I shall leave my soul
On the side of the road
To sit and wait
To die

And there it will be
All of it
My troubles
My remorse
My regrets of years gone by
Until they diminish
And disappear.

Happiness left me
Such a long time ago
Although I will witness
A wisp shall remain

My former life
Just a memory
A remnant of my past
It's gone.

Copyright © 2003 Lindsey C. Anderson

April 16, 2003

I wrote this poem on 28th January 2003, a month since my best friend Sam was so tragically murdered. The only way I feel comforted is by writing poems and listening to music, which makes me feel that I remember him and feel that he is still beside me everywhere I go and in everything I do.

As a month has gone by
I still sit and cry
And ask myself why
Your life was so tragically taken.

Every morning I waken,
I always seem to question
And can't take in,
What happened to you
On that cold winter's night.

As I sit and pray to God,
I think about our bond
That we, as friends, will always stick together
And never let out friendship sever.

And as day-by-day passes,
I can't find any answers,
About why it happened
To a true friend like you.
But I know that someday soon
We will have a joyful reunion
God Bless

Copyright © 2003 Neil Robinson

April 16, 2003

"Ad astra." (To the stars)

Author Unknown
Submitted by Rhae Lindsey --- Georgia
For the crew of Columbia...

April 16, 2003

Minesh & Jayesh, it just seems so different without you guys. With great personalities and always being filled with happiness, you guys were always there to cheer someone up. You guys were a great inspiration to me and how I do things and you will never be forgotten.
A. Burkhardt --- Maryland


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