What Are You Avoiding?

Do You Deal Or Dive?

How many times have you found yourself avoiding something by diving into something else? We stand in this place of avoidance; repressing our emotions that are too difficult to face never realizing they could actually be a gift; an opportunity to heal what no longer serves us.

We find it easier to turn our attentions toward something else, subconsciously pulling ourselves away from the initial discomfort and not really wanting to take responsibility for the situation or the emotions that are on the surface. So we dive into a different pool of water, believing this detour will make the uneasiness disappear.

Most of the time, this re-directive dive may not seem like an avoidance technique at all. I know for myself recognizing and owning-up to my avoidance I needed to take a long hard look inward and become more conscious of my patterns of behavior, along with the "Why's" attached to them.

I put myself into a spin by mentally running non-stop; never giving myself proper time to quietly stop and listen to the never-ending information that is flowing through me. That's when I happily (unconsciously) become a carbohydrate addict. My dive of choice, my "redirection," is not consuming excessive amounts alcohol, or doing extensive hours of exercise, having mindless sex or even going on shopping sprees.

My dive is eating Bread!

I'm not talking now about eating crackers, cakes, or cookies.

I am a Bread-a-Holic all the way!

I am well aware of my addictive personality, being a recovering bulimic of many years, and I've learned through much pain, love and a lot of life's lessons to pay close attention to my own truth and why I was diving into something so unhealthy for me. Believe me I love bread and will never give it up, but I know for me that too many carbs and not enough balance of greens does not support me or "my spin" at all!

Know that deep down inside us, when something is out of alignment in our lives and we are sad more often than truly happy; ... subconsciously we begin our dive. This dive of avoidance is all about not wanting to face our truth in why we feel so out of alignment. We will make every excuse to find other things to distract ourselves from thoughts and emotions that need to be addressed in the here and now.

We notice ourselves diving deeper into the avoidance, rather than seeking the courage to lift ourselves out of these depths. We need to recognize and accept our true experiences and feelings in order to allow ourselves to get back into alignment with the universal flow of things.

So with this observation, I am inviting you to stop and listen to the whispers getting louder within you. Stop, look and listen to your inner voice. Realize when you are diving instead of dealing; and check yourself before you get too deep! Only you know just how far down you will go before you re-surface and stop the madness! Allow yourself to flow in a natural direction rather than constantly swimming upstream.

Until next time...

Peace & Blue Jeans,


Copyright 2013 Cynthia Farina

Cynthia Farina is a life coach, energy healer and intuitive teacher. She uses her innate talents, as well as a variety of divination tools in order to coach her clients to stand in a place of strength and truth on their own journey of self-realization.

Stop by her website to learn more: http://www.cynthiafarina.com

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