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Your customer's business, decisions, interactions and communications with their customers are continuing to get more complex. Today's sales landscape offers more products, more services, more options, more choices and more providers than ever before. Business is moving at a dizzying pace and people are trying to juggle more projects, more priorities, more responsibility and more balance.

Salespeople and business owners are trying to manage more customers, more information, more technology and more distractions that have nothing to do with selling more products and services.

This is not a picture of doom and gloom but rather a picture of opportunity. This is an opportunity to communicate more effectively, to follow-through more thoroughly and your opportunity to make your customer's life easier, and more profitable! To sell more and increase profits immediately, simplify the following areas:

GET TO THE POINT! Never say in 100 words what can be said in 25 words. The important part is the substance of what you say rather than how long you take to say it. Simplify by cutting in half any written, verbal or e-mail communication with your customer. Begin a proposal or presentation by simply stating the three key points around which you will provide impact to your customer. Be clear and concise in all that you say.

This doesn't mean eliminate preparation and start "winging it" through sales presentations. Break planning into fifteen minute segments and designate a topic for each block.

Help your customers buy rather than just trying to sell them. Help your customers buy in both short and long cycles through the use of multiple resources, decision making levels and relationships.

Repeatedly practice your delivery and presentation with an emphasis on being conversational. Emphasize the skill of talking with your customer rather than talking to your customer. Breathing is the key to both tone and pace so insure that you have plenty of air in your lungs.

When it comes to productive sales behavior, follow-through ranks as the highest priority. It is the most talked about and least executed activity in the sales toolbox. You will service your customers at a higher level and sell more when you execute on follow-through relentlessly. It is the one or two things you do differently that make you memorable in the mind of your customer. Never underestimate the power of urgency and immediacy. Stated simply, you must do what you say you will do consistently and with greater focus if you want to put significant distance between you and your competition!

Here's the bottom line: Your customer wants you to simplify their life by simplifying their experience! Your customer is looking for every way possible to increase their sales and improve the profitability and performance of their company. You possess key strategies, services and products to make these goals a reality.

SIMPLIFY the experience for your customers and get ready to increase your sales, margin and effectiveness BIG TIME!

Copyright 2004 Brent Patmos
Brent Patmos is President & CEO of Perpetual Development, Inc., specializing in Sales Training, sales seminars and consulting. Mr. Patmos can be reached at 480-812-2200.
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