What Does It Take To Be Successful? What Makes The Difference?

Maybe You Just Need To Put A Little More (Extra) Effort Into It

I was watching a movie this week and I noticed an actress (who has very good eyesight) playing the part of a blind lady and she played it well. So well that if you were seeing her for the first time, you would think that she was a blind actress. It seemed that this actress had taken her time to put a little more effort into her career so that she could play parts that other actresses could not.

Have you ever seen people digging a well before? They don't just stop when they see a little drop of water; they put in a little more effort to assure that they get plenty of water.

A popular saying says that, "It is only an average mind that would do the same thing all the time and expect another result." All we need to do is to put a little more effort so that we can expect a different and spectacular result.

Are you about to give up on your academics, your family, your ambitions, your friends, your business, your ministry, or anything it might be?

Are you tired of giving your best because you have tried and tried and it's like you are not doing anything and you have decided that the only option is to give up, or back out of that particular project?

Why not put in a little more effort?

I know you might be wondering and pondering what little effort do you need to put in again, when you have tried and tried and tried and still you have not gotten any result?

We cannot be versatile in life if we do not put in that extra effort in everything we do. We are kings and queens and we deserve nothing but the best, but if we must be the best and get the best, we must be willing and ready to put in that little extra effort that is required to make it to the top.

Don't forget that when you came into the world, people were smiling and you were crying. We should always strive to make sure that when we are leaving this world the reverse is the case; people are crying and we are smiling. This cannot be really achieved if we do not put that little more effort in everything we do to bring the best out of others, your community, your state, your country, your nation, and the world as a whole.

We must be conscious of the fact that in life we have two options: either to focus on what's lost or fight for what's left. Fighting for what's left is all about forgetting about the past, putting on your armor of courage and bravery, and putting that extra effort in - assuring and determining that you not only recover but you overtake and be better than the best you can be.

There is a space for everybody to be at the top, but those at the top are those that have put in that extra effort, those that never gave up, and those that are willing and ready to overlook their failures and keep going.

You are the next celebrity and problem solver the world is waiting for; the next professional in your field the world is waiting for. You are the next billionaire the world is waiting for; the next inventor the world is waiting for. You are the next best student the school is waiting for; the best worker your company is waiting for. You are the next motivational speaker the world is waiting for; the next agriculturalist the world is waiting for. You are the next prophet the world is waiting for; the next engineer the world is waiting for. You are the original YOU the world is waiting for.

I know and I am sure that you have been working hard. Why not put in that extra bit of effort because I know you can do it, I know it's in you, and it is achievable by you.

You are the only YOU the world has and that's why you are special and unique in your own way. All you need to do to show that uniqueness is to put in that extra effort.

Thank you for taking your time and putting in that extra effort in making sure that you read this article.

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