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What Will Change Your Life?

December 13, 2013


Participate Fully In The Moment

Dearest Darling Friends,

There are some writings that change lives. There are some events that change lives. There are some experiences that change lives.

As I read about this event that became a life changing experience for my friend Jesh Krishna Murthy, I felt a glow in my heart. The glow that says, 'Right now, there is someone somewhere who must be feeling peace of a thousand years in their heart.' I wish more people could experience these moments more frequently.

While the sun rises every morning, some rise to see it rise in its glory. Some miss it not knowing what they have missed.

I believe all of us have fleeting moments every day that are gifts of existence that can become cherished moment of our lives. As I read this mail (below) I thought I must share it with you.

I truly believe it can touch you deep inside. If you are in the right frame of mind, when you are reading this, I also believe you will enjoy your time with your kids more than ever before.

Jesh Krishna Murthy writes....

My son Advait taught me a beautiful lesson today. He is 3.5 years old and it is amazing watching him grow up.

So he called out to me today saying, "Papa, sit". That usually means leaving everything and going next to him and sitting down to play with him. So I did that as he can be relentless and will not stop calling out till I give in. He was playing with beads, threading them. A great exercise to help build fine motor skills.

Anyways, so after he finished playing with the beads it was time to put them in their box. Very slowly he started to put the beads back into the box that they are stored in. He was slowly picking up each bead, looking at it as if it were made of chocolate and then putting it into it's box.

And with over a hundred beads to go, I was getting fried. "Why could he not pick up 10 in one go and slam them in", said my agitated mind? I noticed that he did this with as much involvement as he had while we were playing. Essentially, there was no difference in his play and his putting the play gear away. Damn! My morning was going to go for a toss today.

Bam! And then it hit me like a brick. This boy was enjoying the whole process. The journey was his goal. For him the fun was in the game, in the build up to the game and post the game in the process of properly wrapping up and cleaning up. It was not just about his turn or the fun part. Every bit was as fun as the other. "What a great perspective to have", I thought to myself. To live each moment as it is the perfect moment. To do each task as if it were the most awesome task to do. Nothing else matters.

I thought of myself as a kid when we would go out to play cricket. If I was not batting or bowling, I was unhappy as I desperately waited for my turn to do so. As a result, I was unhappy while fielding and only happy for the few moments I either bowled or batted. Only the process of doing something I associated with happiness made me cheerful. The rest of the time I was waiting for my turn in the future or reminiscing of a great hit from the past. And is this not how I have so often lived my life? Waiting for something in the future or dwelling on what it was like in the past.

But looking at how peacefully my son was putting beads into the box after he had finished his game taught me that the process is the goal. The joy of pilgrimage is not in getting there but in every step of the journey.

Isn't this what living in the NOW is all about? Advait, my son, was showing me that it was about thoroughly enjoying every moment with complete love, surrender and peace.

Now that I linger and think about it, the truest and happiest moments of my life have been the ones where I fully participated without thoughts of the past or the future...

Thank you dear boy for all the teachings you provide. I am ever so grateful.

Much love,


While it will take a while for Advait to know what his father has learnt from him, it is so apt that we are sharing Jesh's mail with growth-oriented readers.

May your life be filled with delightful learning moments like these. May such experiences drive the darkness of ego and ignorance away from our lives. Be safe.

With loads of love, prayers and exceptional wishes,

Narendra Goidani

--- Copyright © 2013 Narendra Goidani
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