Do You Leap Into Life?

What Holds Us Back

Taking a gigantic leap - and then building your wings on the way down... Easier said than done, right? Is this a method you're all too familiar with or is this just crazy talk?

Are you the "take the leap" type of person or the "I'm not jumping out" type? Perhaps you're somewhere in the middle?

Let's weigh the pros and cons of both types.

- Do you dip your toe in the water and wait for more signs to appear before taking the plunge or are you the type to just wait and see what happens next?

- Do you wait for all your "ducks to be in a row"?

- Do you hold out for just the right time of year or hope that the planets are aligned just so before taking action?

- Do you find yourself mulling over the signs, looking for a fault or safety net somewhere to justify leaping or not?

What is it that holds us back?

Could it simply be fear of actually finding happiness and excitement in this unknown journey? Perhaps it is the fear of being disappointed, or just the fear of NOT KNOWING what will happen next?

Uncertainty can be scary.

Yet if we view any "leap" into the unknown like an infant transforming from their crawling stage to the, "Hey look everyone -- I'm walking (oh boy, can't stop me now)" stage; ... things might seem a lot less frightening!

We just may find ourselves pleasantly surprised. Once we learn to trust in the process, find the courage to dig deep, bravely surrendering to the unknown - it ain't so bad after all!

In the great unknown lie possibilities of all we can be. The choices we make in our lives are exactly what make this life worth living! Just behind the curtain of the unknown may be exactly what we've been searching for all along!

Until next time,
(... Pay no attention to the Man behind the curtain!)

Leaping happily...

It's always perfect

Copyright 2014 Cynthia Farina
Cynthia Farina is a life coach, energy healer and intuitive teacher. She uses her innate talents, as well as a variety of divination tools in order to coach her clients to stand in a place of strength and truth on their own journey of self-realization.

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