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The Power Of Love In Time Of Need

April 26, 2013


Life Is Precious

Why do we get distracted by everyday living? What importance do we place on the got-to-have lists? Why has our must-do list grown so large? Why do we make life so difficult? Why do we place so much importance on the trivia of living?

That really hit me over the last few months, as I contemplated surgery on my spine for a pinched nerve. Even the name of the procedure (anterior cervical discectomy and fusion with fusion cages, iliac bone graft with plate) illustrates how complex we make life today.

As I prepared for the surgery, I worried how I would take care of my handicapped wife. I put up barriers to justify not going through something I really needed. As I was forced to build up courage to face what was ahead, God was already delivering just what I needed.

My children and their wives stepped forward to accompany me to doctor visits, lab appointments, tests, and more tests to assure I was ready for the surgery. My pastor, the people of the church, my friends, and my neighbors all surrounded me with love and caring by visits, preparing meals, running errands, and most of all, their prayers for healing recovery, and fulfillment of any needs I had.

The light and love of the people I love showed through the everyday cluster of trivia we all put in our lives. Love flowed giving me strength and courage to overcome my doubts and fears. The power of love reigned. It soothed, healed, and showed the way of hope. It met my needs, where I was at the time. To all of you whom I haven't gotten around to show my appreciation; thanks guys and gals. You're loved in return.

Yes, life is precious. You do matter. And always remember, the greatest gift you can give to another is to share of your time and talents to meet others human needs. Your love; your presence can change the world. Donít allow stuff to rule your world. Love is what truly matters. Godspeed!!

--- Copyright © 2013 Bob Stoess
Bob Stoess is a Retired CEO, prolific writer and wonderful mentor.

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