Soldiers are the brave and proud who give up their life for freedom for you and I. These are the gallant ones who, in time of war, know that this is their calling as each one goes into battle not knowing if they will live or die. The price to pay for we do not understand, you or I, but to those who are called soldiers I am grateful in heart for their courage that I am free.

Many a man of such caliber, who fought to save our country, knows of their comrades in arms who were by their side, who didn't return, and realized it could have been them. Recognition due was not given as though appreciation and gratitude are not words.

Brave are these the men that followed their belief that freedom should reign as the chivalry of clashing swords.

For the flag flies high named "Old Glory" but to these glorious men and women this emblem is the heart and soul invisible in spirit. The phrase "In God We Trust" says it all and to all the fighting forces who watch out for us and keep us safe from our enemies; the candle without a name is visible and it's flame will always stay lit.

Copyright © 2001 Duane Gomez

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