As I looked at my past,
It's always you that blast.
Cause your face and mem'ry,
Always fills my scenery.

In my life you are my pleasure
And in my heart you are a treasure
Because of the joy you caused me,
These descriptions for you is ought to be

At that exact day that I met you
I said to myself that I love you
And I will do all the things I could do
For you to like me and love me too.

Day and night I'm dreaming of you,
And visualizing how cute are you.
I always think on how could I do
Not to hurt myself and fall for you.

Those memories you've shared with me,
Really makes a sense to me.
And made me realize some things I don't know
Wherein you're the only one could show.

And when the time comes that you have to leave me,
I conditioned myself that I have to set you free
And for me to find another,
Who could replace you as my partner.

After those incidents that happened,
Those thongs that made me frightened
I have to put it all in the past,
For I have found another at last.

The things I expect you to do,
This man fills it up for you.
But I want you to put this in mind,
I still can't leave you behind.

Copyright © 2000 Imelda L. Albano