Very recently, my computer crashed. This happened the day after I had heard some rude comments pertaining to myself. Basically, I felt that a lot of what I loved disappeared: friendship, and on the computer, all my files. A friend had told me on several occasions to just move on; not to dwell on instances, but instead, dwell on finding the solution to those instances.

And thanks to one twenty-minute conversation, I'm starting over on everything I lost. THAT'S the value of friendship: PRICELESS.

Copyright © 2001 Xingyuan Wang
I had lost some of the quotes from this very site -- and I felt very bad about it. This friend told me to move on -- and to do whatever I needed to do to feel good again. But you see, that came from this very site. I would never have bothered to move on if this site had not existed. Thanks for all the motivation you've given me and others out there, just like me. It's truly appreciated.