I stayed after school so that I could watch the basketball game between St. Agnes and the Metro Deaf School. I was keeping the book of fouls, points, etc.; I was amazed. I have never seen better sportsmanship in my whole life.

There was one boy who stuck out from all of the rest. He was a seventh grader and an unbelievable basketball player. This player made all of his shots and the team wouldn't have even been in the game without him. This amazing player, whose Number is 32, fouled on the other team. The person he fouled fell down and crashed into the floor. Number 32 immediately dropped the ball and helped the other person up. Then, at the end of the game, he hugged the other team's coach even though they lost.

Even for people who don't play basketball, this boy's courage and good sportsmanship should be a lesson to all. The boy was deaf and communicated with his other team members and coach by sign language, which was hard when no one could hear each other and had trouble talking.

To that boy, keep up your determination, and to all of us:
Remember how nice you have it with out having anything wrong with you. So, go out in the world and be a good sport no matter where you are or what obstacles stand in your way.

Written by Teresa G., Age 13 --- Minnesota