This poem goes out to all the so called "different" kids.
You're not different.
It's better to be yourself, than somebody else...

I just went through another day,
Of being called ugly,
I never know what to say.

Should I stand up for myself,
Or be knocked down again
By the cracks of sarcasm,
And hearing them complain?

I am sick of it all, why does it have to be me?
Why can't they see, how tough my life can be?
They can't because they are too concerned with themselves
At least I know that I can be myself.

I don't care what they say,
Though I won't let them see my sadness show.
They don't need the satisfaction of seeing themselves win once more.

For my self-esteem will go up, up then soar.
I am not sad anymore, for I have learned how to go on.
For it is them who make fun, who will not be foregone.

Copyright © 2000 Rachel Sumner