I had competed in Speech competitions for two years. This was my graduating year but it looked as though I may not go. Because of the small school that I attend we could only take 12 competitors. As the state meet approached, I felt relieved that I did not have to prepare.

Then two weeks before the meet, I was told that I was going. I began to practice living the roles I was playing. I was to compete in three events, Solo Acting, Pantomime and Readers Theatre. I felt overwhelmed, I was having to learn new events and parts with only two weeks to prepare. At the state meet, we are not allowed to compete with scripts, so all my parts had to be memorized. I felt that I could not do it. There was no way.

With the help of my parents and my school teachers I was some how able to prepare. It was finally the day. I competed and did well. I took First place in Solo Acting, Second in Readers Theatre and Third in Pantomime.

As I looked back on the preparation and the end result, I realized how close I had come to giving up. I learned never to give up. I also learned that for every bit of preparation, there is a reward.

Copyright © 2000 Samuel Porter