I wrote this to express appreciation to my friends who have showered me with love and helped me realize that imperfection is what makes a person so perfect.

No one could elaborate on it more than me. Maybe by default of my horoscope, I was born a perfectionist and tend to seek perfection in anything and everything I desire.

I remember tearing up a painting that took me many hours to draw just because it lacked the 'X' factor. I remember dumping my entire meal because I did not like the service. I took great pain to get the best of almost all the things I possess.

It was that or nothing.

In the pursuit of perfection, I tend to overlook the finer things.

It took me a very long time and a couple of painful lessons to understand that... that perfection is not about having the perfect shave, or the perfect work, or even a perfect family. It is about accepting the imperfection; to peer beyond the shell of the individual and realize the pearl that lies deep within, to embrace imperfection as a part of us, to accept the scars as marks of lessons and not stains to bleach off; THAT is what makes us complete. That is what makes us truly perfect.

I still tidy up my table when I leave office. I still scout for the best gadgets. I still clean the microscopic stain off my Sony 17inch Trinitron monitor, but something has changed now. I have learned to accept the beauty of imperfection... and I learned to accept myself.

Copyright © 2001 Senthil Hari