There are times I wonder,
why life can be so rough.
No matter how hard I try,
everything is just too much.

I try to read my scriptures,
and find the time to pray
I wish there were more hours
in each and every day.

One day I'm on the right track,
the next day, I know I'm not.
Why is it so hard to listen
to all that I have been taught?

I've made so many mistakes,
and now I know I've strayed.
From the Straight and Narrow,
oh, I wish I had obeyed.

I feel ashamed of myself,
and all that I hold dear.
Can I ever get back
is the one thing I fear?

My sister, I love you,
Jesus said with a smile.
I'm here to help you,
it's just going to take awhile.

I've been here all along,
right beside waiting for you;
To open your heart, let me in,
I'm the one who will return your virtue.

I've made a way possible,
so you can come home to me.
It's not the easiest way,
as you can plainly see.

Look into the mirror sweet sister,
and you will surely find;
A wonderful sister I want to come home,
for she is truly mine.

I paid the price for all your sins,
every last one those 40 days.
I never gave up no matter how hard,
I couldn't follow Satan's ways.

My wonderful sister, don't quit,
you've come so far, oh, not now.
I promise you'll look back one day,
you'll say, I actually did it, wow!

Always remember, not only me,
but also your eternal dreams.
Your life on earth is very short,
at least to me, that's what is seems.

Before you know it, life will be over;
you'll stop breathing and surely die.
You can't escape death,
it comes to all, that is not a lie.

You have to decide to follow me,
or you may decide to not.
When it all comes down to it,
the world doesn't offer a lot.

All it really offers will not last,
it only offers limited things.
The things that keep you from me,
and all your hopes and dreams.

Never give up, dear sister,
I love you no matter what's been done.
Eternal life will surely be yours,
and celestial glory you will have won.

Copyright © 2001 Megan Marie Jackson