Determination Pulls You Through

I Am Your Determination

I am hope in a stream of hopelessness
I am a dream in a cloud of nightmares
I am love when hate abounds
I am light when darkness surrounds
I am the last breath in fatigue
I am the doubt that only you believe
I am the finishing step
In your endless race
I am the burst of speed
That puts you in first place
I am the part of you that doesn't give up

I am the open path in an endless maze
I am the lush water puddle in a dry desert
I am the last peach on a dying tree
I am the touch of life that sets you free
I am everything you lack
I am the second chance that takes you back
I am the iron shield when you take a blow
I am the one to show you where to go
I am that final thought in your mind
That pushes you to the end
I have always been your greatest friend
I am the part of you that doesn't give up

I am as pristine as the orange ocean sunset
I am as beautiful as the twinkling stars
I am the haste it takes to make it that far
I am as powerful as a raging waterfall
I am the strength to climb any wall
I am the courage in a moment of fear
I am your last bitter crying tear
Before you rise back up
And take what's rightfully yours
I am always there for you
Even when you least expect it
I am the part of you that keeps on going
And with every smile keeps on growing
I am the part of you that never gives up

...I am your determination!

Copyright 2010 Allen Steble
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