How Wealthy Are You?


What is the wealth you desire?

Is it not enough that I gave to you, your eyes that which can see 100,000 different colors and your nose that which smells 100,000 scents?

Or maybe it is not enough that I gave you your tongue that which can speak 100,000 words and taste 100,000 different flavors or your hands that which can build 100,000 objects or write 100,000 pages and your arms that which can hug 100,000 people and your legs that which can walk 100,000 miles and bring you to 100,000 different places.

Should I mention more?

What about your thoughts? How many of those have you been allowed? Who among you are poor? Maybe it is your actions that make you poor by repeating the same routine day after day.

Give yourself to the World and see what abundance befalls you in times of famine! I beseech you to test me! Test my words! I made you into, yes, made you in to a body that is the greatest vehicle for experiencing life so go out and have your experiences! When you are done with your body let it go back into the Earth and come back to me for a different kind of new life experience!

Go forth and live!

Copyright 2010 Jesse Barkasy
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