Stay In Control Of Your Life

Keep It Moving Pledge

From this day on out,

I will Keep It Moving

By staying in control of my life.

I will not let other people, events, or situations

Make me lose focus on the bigger picture in my life,

Which is being happy, peaceful, purposeful, and prosperous.

I understand that it is up to me on what kind of life I live.

No one else has control over my life unless I give them control,

In which I will not do,

Because I love myself too much.

I understand I will be faced with the good, the bad, and the ugly in life,

But no matter what the situation is

I will Keep It Moving.

I have a choice to focus on the positive and be positive

Which will influence how happy, peaceful, purposeful and prosperous I am.

Or I have the choice to focus on the negative and be negative

Which will only hurt me and hold me back

From being all I can be.

So, I have decided today to take control of my life


Keep It Moving.

Copyright 2009 Dr. Alicia Francis - a.k.a. "Dr. Li"
Dr. Li is an educator, businesswoman, model, actress, motivational speaker, and author (newly released book entitled "Keep It Moving").
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