Knowing Yourself Is The Beginning Of All Wisdom

The Importance Of Understanding Yourself And How We Create What We Think About

Fear and not having a clear idea of what we want are two of the main reasons we fail in life. Our relationships are mainly affected by our fears and insecurities, along with the lack of respect, honesty, responsibility and appreciation.

Experiences are acquired through our journey in life; we choose and create our beliefs, fears and opinions based on all our experiences in life. Even though things and life are the way they are, mainly, we all have different opinions and beliefs about everything and everybody. Other people have opinions about us too. They may demean or limit our capacity and intelligence but what really matters is the opinion we have about ourselves. You either choose to accept and follow what other people believe or you decide to be yourself and live according to the reality of life.

By living life as it is and being yourself, you create an image about you. It is extremely important to understand how this image, created by your beliefs and imagination, direct and influence your growth. This image that you create about you determines who you are and how you feel; it determines how successful you become and how far you can get in life. In short, you are as happy or sad as you see yourself.

Even though beliefs create the mental images that influence our behavior, actions and results, in the end, beliefs are mental states that have nothing to do with reality. People can think whatever they want about you, but it is entirely up to you either to believe those images and act accordingly, or to picture yourself reaching the stars.

We have to be clear... what really matters and what will shape your destiny is what you think about yourself, nothing else but the image you create about you. Believe blindly in yourself! Everything starts in the mind. If you really want to accomplish your dreams, picture yourself having and living the life you want. Believe in you and be confident! It doesn't matter how bad or difficult the circumstances may look like.

If you believe and conceive that you can break through all odds and get to the top, you will. That is life; it will give you only what you ask, nothing else! The problem is that most of the people focus mainly in what they don't want and then they ask themselves why they get the results they obtain.

The future may look uncertain or impossible for others, but it doesn't necessarily have to be that way for you. You, and everybody else, have been granted with so many blessings and two of them are the capacity to choose and to make decisions. You can decide and make the choice of choosing your attitude. You have the power, talents, capacity and intelligence to brighten your world as much as you want, but this will only happen once you change your attitude and believe in yourself.

There is no excuse; you need to understand that regardless of what you have in front of you, or how "low you may be", you must believe in you. This and only this is what will make you break through. Believing in you, having a blind faith and being clear in what you want, having a burning desire to get what you want, a never-ending determination and an unstoppable persistence to move forward will definitely allow you to reach the unreachable.

Without exception, all of us have fears. But the difference between success and failure is how we deal with our fears. Not only are fears mental but they also are part of our beliefs. There is no excuse to be a failure, poor, ignorant or to belong to the great majority of people who choose to live in a destructive environment; it is nothing but your choice. If you don't do anything for yourself, nobody else will. If you don't change your beliefs about you, who will?

So smile and create positive mental pictures of your life in your world, all the time, every second of your life. Be clear; focus only on the things you want and eventually they will be yours.

Copyright 2010 Eduardo Dominguez

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