Do You Write Your Goals Down?

The Power Of Written Goals

The word 'Achieve' is magnetic. It has a glimmer. 'Achievers' are looked upon as a notch higher than others. Everyone has different goals and definitions for achievement. Nevertheless the fact is - Everybody wants to achieve and be an achiever.

From a kindergarten boy to a Jet fighter pilot, everyone has this drive. Hence it can be metrically said that the desire to achieve and reach goals is in our blood, genes and our mind.

For us to achieve, be it personal, social, professional or material, we need to understand the working of one thing which contributes substantially to it; we ourselves (our mind). Since achievement means so much to us, we must employ the proper modus operandi to aid us to reach such milestones in our pursuit.

Benjamin Disraeli said it so wonderfully, "Nurture you mind with great thoughts, for you will never go any higher than you think". Such is the importance of keeping our focus right in terms of our thoughts and thus making every second in our day, a motivating moment.

The human brain receives millions of thoughts to process in a day ranging from household work, child care to finances etc, not to forget the various kinds of emotions in between. How then can we impress our minds with the positive thoughts and remind ourselves about our goals and ambitions amidst all these other impulses?

Many of us have experienced, while flipping through newspapers or magazines, a word or two suddenly jumping out at us from the thousands of words printed. We start reading that particular paragraph or article and find that in almost all of the cases, it is something which we are interested in or looking for. Our mind knows what we like and desire. Hence, it processes the words in the news article fast and gives us the needed words, if present. Here is an important lesson to remember. Our mind can process words faster and better than we think it does.

"Yuo aer raednig a wnodefrul aticrle, tihs si a ncie thing, Gdo bsels yuo".

Now, how many of you read the above statement as, "You are reading a wonderful article, this is a nice thing, God bless you." It has been shown that as we start reading the line, our mind starts processing the words for the actual meaning intended. Does that say anything about your mind? Yes, our minds are amazing!!! Our minds can read words even when they are scrambled. That is the power of our mind.

How many of us realize the importance of writing down our goals that we want to achieve? Behavioral psychologists say that to remind our goals with pictures, words or sounds is indispensable for reaching our goals faster. And one of the ways is to write them down. Examples: buying a car, a house, a guitar, a handy cam or charting a career or planning a tour etc... whatever it may be. It is also vital to write down the duration within which we want it done and place them in strategic areas in our environment (home or office etc). Remember, many of us do have the practice of keeping sticky notes to remind us of our tasks.

When we start to write down our goals, we need to do it in a clear and crisp language with details. For example: if one wants to buy a sedan then write down the brand, color, expected mileage, year of make, etc., then stick it on to a place where we will often look. The same can be followed for any other sort of goal.

Suppose one of us wants to keep calm. You can write - 'I am becoming calm and poised'. Even though we might not notice ourselves reading it, our subconscious mind reads it as soon as the words register in our eyes. Then our subconscious mind, with its immense source of power starts to work, motivate us, help us seek and achieve our positive creative goal and to materialize it.

To help us focus, we need to write what we want to achieve on a piece of paper and stick it at various places where we spend our various moments of the day like on the shaving mirror, dressing table, bathroom wall, car windshield, under the table glass of your office desk, computer screen, wallet etc.

What these words essentially do is keep priming our mind, especially our subconscious mind, with the goals and ambitions in order to spur ourselves into action. Hence, without our knowledge, these words are read tens and hundreds and thousands of times in a day thus driving them deeper into our mind every time. And our mind prospectively goes on to reach these goals.

Anyone who has done this sincerely or is willing to do this, will see for himself/herself the amazing effect of keeping written goals. Hence it is important to flood our thoughts with our goals and remind ourselves of the same. Let us all start each day with new vigour and resolve to reach our goals. Let us remind ourselves of what the Bible (Proverbs 23:7) says, "As a man thinks about himself, so he becomes."

Copyright 2009 Sam Vijay Kumar
My Father tells me to write down what I want to do and that it will happen. My Mother always affirms positive statements about my life. I have also read about reminding ourselves of our positive goals and desires through spoken words and written words. I have tried it and have found beyond doubt that they actually work wonders.

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