The Creative Power of Your Subconscious

My Miraculous Healing - Part 2

I began analyzing my thoughts and dreams to collect 'evidence' and wrote all my findings down. I noticed how everything I asked for he gave and from this, I learned to be very specific in what to ask. Life's experiences showed me how both healthy and negative thoughts turn into reality, especially when they are backed up by a strong feeling or desire.

While analyzing my thoughts and transforming the negative thoughts into positive thoughts, I practice on controlling my emotions, which help me quite down the noise that comes to mind. I try to be mindful and to fully enjoy and stay in the 'now'.

At times when I succeed to keep my body and mind in the moment, I notice how easy and peaceful life really is and how my body responds by being very relaxed. This made me realize the influence my thoughts have towards my body and feelings. Once my thoughts drift into the past or future and starts yapping about things I need to do in the following week, I immediately notice tightness in my body.

Through praying, I restore the connection between my heart and my head. The law of life is the law of belief, and belief could be summed up briefly as a thought in your mind. My thoughts, feelings, and believes, make up the condition of my mind, body, and circumstances. Analyzing my thoughts helps me understand what I'm doing and why I am doing things.

Essentially, answered prayer is the realization of your heart's desire.

I pray and express my desires and gratefulness many times a day before I continue with my daily occupations. I especially pray before falling asleep and when I wake up. At these times, the rhythm of the brain runs slower which leaves my mind quiet and sleepy.

This 'dreamy' state is called the 'Theta' brain wave. The subconscious is proven, by neurologists, to be receptive for new thoughts and information during the time of the Theta wave.

I also want to explain to you the important role the subconscious mind has in healing and improving the quality of your life.

The Creative Power of Your Subconscious

Your subconscious is your Book of Life. What is impressed in the subconscious is expressed in your outer life. The subconscious mind is the invisible force that mediates and directs all involuntary body functions like your heartbeat, breathing, the growing of your hair and nails, the metabolism. It is the hard disc of one's memory where all automated thoughts, habits, behavior, and responses are seated.

Because the subconscious is slave to our command or conscious, it will do anything we consciously tell or ask it to do, and give. The information on this hard disc is gathered in the first six years of your life. During these six years, a child's brain functions in a hypnagogic state of awareness in order to copy and learn the basic elements of life.

The meanings we give to our experiences in life make up our belief systems. The subconscious is the creative, imaginative part of our mind and the power of the imagination is limitless. Anything we can conceive or imagine can come into being. All great artists, thinkers, and inventors learn to utilize their imaginative powers within the subconscious.

When we allow our imagination to be ruled by fear, disastrous results can occur because what we imagine can come into being. Your subconscious does not discriminate. It does its best to create what we picture or imagine. It will work just as hard for us to create the negative imagery we present to it as well as positive imagery.

The good news is our benevolent subconscious is always ready and willing to follow our instructions. And we can always change the ways in which we use our imagination. We can choose to cultivate our imagination to create what is always in our highest good.

The subconscious mind serves as a gateway between the conscious and the Creative Level of Mind which is our direct line with God. All answers and questions for that matter are held in the Creative Level of Mind, and whenever we choose to become quiet, we can access the answers to our questions.

Developing a relationship with our higher wisdom is one of the most beneficial things we can do for ourselves. This higher wisdom has different names, Soul, Holy Spirit, Higher Self, and is often thought of as a kind of intermediary between a human being and the Creator.

Most spiritual traditions hold that there is a higher wisdom within us that can be reached through prayer. The one thing these traditions have in common is that you must enter into a quiet state of mind (theta state), for example through prayer, in order to access the higher wisdom within. In this state of mind, the subconscious mind is receptive for any new information given.

Your amazing subconscious mind never sleeps. So, whenever you decide to change your mind about who you are, your subconscious mind is at your service. All that is required is to believe you deserve it, desire, commitment, and silence.

Copyright 2010 Marijke Verkerk
About the author: Marijke Verkerk is a Mother & Wife, Master of Metaphysical science Msc, Certified Rebalancer, Artist, and a National speaker in the Netherlands/Europe.

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