Dreams Are Good For Us


Does dreaming really affect our lives?

Does it really make any difference with how we manage to live our lives in the midst of doubts and uncertainties?

Yes, it does!

Sometimes, what makes our day more relaxed and leaves us with a lighter feeling is enjoying the freedom of dreaming about good things that we hope to happen to our lives- without any limits or boundaries. We could freely think of things we surely know that would do our lives more good than damage.

We don't know what is in store for us. The things we do today are part of how we picture the kind of life we want to enjoy tomorrow.

We deal with things in our own unique ways. We are all players in our own worlds.

Sometimes we are being invaded by adversities, which block our way and distract our focus. But even with disturbances along our way, that act like our opponents whom we might think are stronger than we are, still, we opt to win. To lose is not an option. Nobody plays to lose. Nobody wishes for his own failure.

Dreaming is free. Each of us has his own dreams. We dream... and these dreams of ours sometimes bring out from us who we really are in terms of ways of how we deal with things. We tend to act according to what kind of dreams we have, with all the freedom of making our dreams come true.

Normally, people think of things that will help them grow, but there are those who take unlawful actions to get what they want.

A dream to me is a picture of the place where we want to find ourselves someday; it is how we want to see ourselves in the time to come, and it is like a draft of our own design of how we want things to look like by the time we get there.

There are those who just draw in their minds the picture of their dream life in the future. There are those who put on paper, through writing or drawing, the things they want to have.

About a month ago, I was on the phone talking with one of my friends who, like other people, dreams of a simple house where she could live safely with her children; a parcel of land where she could do one thing she really enjoys, which is planting different kinds of crops, fruit-bearing trees and flowering plants, and where there would be a place for her favorite domesticated animals.

I was happily listening to what she had to say, but I was touched when her voice suddenly sounded sad as she uttered these words:

"I am already very happy to see my dream come true even just in a simple game, Farmville. Sometimes I get too emotional while I tend to my farm in Facebook's Farmville, thinking that the realization of this dream of mine would only be up to this game, it will just remain a fantasy, because for me, it is far from reality.

Maybe because I am not just working for my own satisfaction but I am working for the welfare of my whole family... thinking more of what I can give them and sacrificing my personal desires. I may not be as fortunate as other people are, but I am very happy with what I have.

I have the real happiness in my heart seeing my family enjoying the life we are living today... the kind of life that we never had in the past. I am so delighted helping my children work on their dreams and making those dreams come true!"

Dreaming keeps our lives in motion; it keeps us going. Dreaming is something that makes a difference in our lives; it makes us more energetic, more courageous and more positive in dealing with life. It gives us a better view about life so we probably learn to be more patient and to remain hopeful of finding, in our future, the things we are dreaming of.

In dreaming, there is no room for failure.

Of course, we think of things that will make us happy. But we should always keep in mind that God knows what is best for us, He gives us what we deserve.

Copyright 2010 James Patrick Cabacungan

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