My Talent Was Revealed In A Dream

My Miraculous Healing - Part 3

As a child, at the age of ten, I loved to draw. But due to many unfriendly remarks of my teacher, I came to believe that I wasn't good enough and I gave up. Thirty years later I received a dream.

In my dream, I saw myself effortlessly making beautiful drawings. While excited and overwhelmed at discovering this gift, I didn't understand how this suddenly could happen. Then (still in my dream) I heard a voice say; "You must continue; you have a talent for drawing".

I immediately woke up and wrote everything down. (At that time I kept a booklet and a pen next to my pillow). Somehow this dream was different, and what if its message is true?

Determined and excited to find out, I bought myself color pencils and paper, though I had no idea where or how to begin and before I knew it, all kinds of doubt came to mind.

I realized I needed to first become silent and sat down to meditate. I thanked God for showing me the dream with my new talent, and slowly my mind and body relaxed.

By the time I finished my drawing, my husband and his brother arrived home. They were surprised to see me drawing and both took a look at what I was doing. My brother-in-law turned to my husband with a big smile and said; "Hey man, what the hell are you feeding her?"

Today I have an online Art Gallery where if you like, you can see my work.

The subconscious mind functions as the messenger that conveys all our thoughts to the creative Level of mind, whom I call God. When we become relaxed, a clear channel of communication opens between the conscious, the subconscious and God. When we are in a deep state of relaxation, communication between these minds is at its clearest and most powerful level.

The communication with the Creator works both ways. Not only do we speak with Him, He also communicates with us.

An example of communication coming from God through the subconscious and into the conscious mind is called intuition. We all have intuitions and "gut feelings" that seem to magically pop into our minds. Intuitional thoughts and imaginative thoughts come from God guiding us the way.

One thing led to another and intuitively, during my research on the internet, I entered a site with teachings in Metaphysical science. I had never ever heard of Metaphysics but I knew this was something I needed to investigate. Reading the site's introduction gave me Goosebumps that covered my entire body. I felt like a happy child in a candy store. There were so many interesting topics to choose from!

My decision to enter the classes was quickly made. With this education, I unexpectedly found what deep down I was looking for. I never knew what to do with my life although there were many things I liked doing but obviously not enough, and sad enough but true, I "saw" myself as a person that didn't have the brains to study.

I recently passed my Master's degree and I will continue for my Doctorate degree!

Copyright 2010 Marijke Verkerk
About the author: Marijke Verkerk is a Mother & Wife, Master of Metaphysical science Msc, Certified Rebalancer, Artist, and a National speaker in the Netherlands/Europe.

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