A Journey To Life

It wasn't Forever
When I was in the heart of my Mother
Unconsciously waiting
I was conceived to take life's Journey

The Joy was unimaginable to Papa and Mama
Of my Existence
The warm Love of my parents
Which brought comfort to my tender Soul
Made me open my Eyes
To the beauty and vastness of Creation

And also the uncertainty I would have to face
Then Moments came, when confusion reigned
Trying to understand my Purpose
In this world of Illusion

I fell astray from the mirage of my being
Which lead me to Emptiness
But the relentless haunting of my conscience
Redeemed me from Darkness
And showed me the path to Light

Time passed unnoticed
And I have my own lives to nurture...my family
Now I understand
Why there had to be parents
Who unselfishly struggled every single day for me

Like Pilgrims, in this sojourn,
My parents, who are ahead of me
Leave their tracks for me to Follow
Keeping the Footprints from fading
That will lead my children and my Children's children
To the destination ... to the Abode of life
Where we belong.

Copyright 2005 Julius P. Lagcao (Philippines)

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