Only A Believer Can Become A Survivor

What is the most difficult thing in this world? There are many, but when I concentrate, I just beam to the same answer always.

The most difficult thing is to have victory over yourself --- To win over your own emotions. This sounds a little dramatic, but it's not a mere dialogue. It is the fact of our daily lives. I humbly agree here that this goes under the following category:


But everybody has to do it, knowingly or unknowingly; otherwise you hurt yourself beyond your own imagination.

When the tide of panic shakes your body, propagates through your nerves, you have only that invisible faith of yours to fight against that terrible wave.

If you compare both the things ---panic wave and faith---both of them are generated through a state of mind and both are invisible emotions. Panic is momentary and faith is permanent. Which one should we choose? The one with a temporary nature or the one with long lasting nature?

Panic is something that we can sense; rather it fills up all your senses. It can make you emotionally paralytic. It is generated in your mind and takes control of the entire body within a fraction of second. What we see, what we hear, what we think cannot be registered by our body because of its presence.

If I am into my senses, I can find my way out. But these visible and daily used capabilities of mine, are under the shadow of that rare feeling. What do I do for myself to keep my senses alive in that panicky moment? Is this the behavior that we call "human"??

Nope, certainly not. It's not the case that only some people go through this emotion. Everybody goes through it, everybody, at some point of time in his or her life. Many of the people go through this at the crucial stages of their lives. Great people survive through it with only their invisible faith and great determination. This itself becomes their shield against this invisible negative feeling to which we give birth to, nurture and become a slave to.

Is it worth it? Do we have to become slave of some negative thought?

We have to remember that we are the creator of it and we have every right and potential to destroy it. I believe that every poison has an antidote. If poison is within you, believe me an antidote is also present in you. You just have to make use of it.

Now I have the answer how to fight with panicky moments, but merely saying and writing it down will not help. We have to think, we should reflect, we should implement ---then it would be more like an answer to a problem that we face when we become panicked.

Copyright 2004 Priyanka D. Teredesai

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