A Leader Can Influence by showing Integrity,
High Self-esteem, Self-confidence,
Perseverance, Commitment and Vision

What You Think About Yourself Is More Important
Than What Somebody Thinks About You

I do not remember if I have told you this story before but it does not cost me anything to relate the story again. When I was a student in class one during my college days, I was walking down to the dormitory with two of my friends when I saw the Senior Prefect who, then, was in class six.

I admired him so much and I coveted his integrity and reputation as a leader. He commanded so much respect and I remember I once sought a chance just to talk to him. I told my friends I was going to be the Senior Prefect of my set but all they did was jeer at me.

Six years later, I became the Senior Prefect. I also commanded respect and people were talking about me in places I've never been to. It's because I had that picture in mind. The college is Mayflower School, Ikenne, Nigeria.

Create a picture of where you want to be. What matters is not what others think, so long as you believe it. You will be there.

Copyright 2005 Fola Daniel

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